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    this reminds me of angelina jolie’s wedding gown that had her kid’s drawings all over it. Surendri by Yogesh Chaudhary, i salute you. achcha ullu banaya.

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    Pretty girl. Outfit not so much.

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    What the heck is up with that bunch of flowers. I’m sorry but there’s a fine line between quirky and ugly and that dress is on the latter side. Gorgeous girl though

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    Looks like a plastic tablecloth. Not even a nice ones but those cheap outdoor ones you put on picnic tables.

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    Samantha looks lovely

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    Super pretty

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    Samantha looks very pretty, but I am just not a fan of the print on her top.

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    I don’t understand why this look is getting so much hate. I think she looks really cute especially with her fishtail braid. The outfit looks good on her too and is nice for a children’s charity event.

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    I like the kurta, n she looks cute in it…wat i don’t like is the bright parrot green churidar

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    She looks really pretty with the jhumki’s and i like the green churidar’s but would have preferred the sunflower print on the bottom portion of the kurta rather than the top.

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    One of the few surendri outfits that I actually like.

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    She looks lovely. I think the white & sunflowers go well for a child charity event.

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