In Ranna Gill. Again.


Her first spotting in Ranna was quite a mixed bag of emotions. We say that because the first time some of y’all love it (see here) but on the second appearance some others hated it (see here). Like this one any better on her?


Left: Ranna Gill, Spring 2009
Right: Sabina Singh at Olive Delhi Relaunch Party

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Vogue India


  1. It’s a style which does not suit her as she is top heavy with heavy arms.Neither do I like the way she has styled her hair here. But I do like the dress…….maybe on someone else.

  2. i like the way Sabina has worn the maxi. She looks good in the middle photo, the photo on the left is not very flattering, the angle has added a few pounds,

  3. Neither i liked the dress ,nor on the wearer..Her face ,face makeup is looking better than bottom .Dress adding pounds to her and so many colors adding furthur.


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