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  1. deewani at | | Reply

    P&P have changed a lot since they returned from Fashion week.. I assumed u would prefer sabina over laila.. I don’t c why u picked laila..and that ghastly makeup..i`m gagging!

  2. sdn at | | Reply

    Dislike both. How long is laila lamba’s face?

    1. May at | | Reply

      hahaha.. true !

  3. nicolesingh at | | Reply

    Sabina looks nice……..like the dark shimmery border.
    The lighter green on laila is kinda bleh.

  4. kanika at | | Reply

    I am disagreeing with this blogs opinion wayy too much !!

    I think the sari that Sabina is wearing is sooo beautiful…I would totally wear that sari. I love the patterns / prints that are not too overwhelming and go well with the blouse and the contrast of the bright garden green border.

    And the thing that is totally rocking her look is her lip color that goes with the tinge of red in the edge of her sari.

    I do think she could have worn this better… but that lack of talent in properly draping saris is very common.

    Also I hate her thaila.
    But I am SOOOO bored of Georget / chiffon saris…so safe..
    Lails’s sari just comes off as .. what is the expression that is popular on this blog ….yes ‘meh’ ( with a shrug of the shoulder)

    1. shireen at | | Reply

      love ur comment, esp the ‘meh’ at the end! im feeling it way more than the looks!

  5. arpitha at | | Reply

    I was wondering where do u all buy the designer hand bags from. The BV’s etc are in thousands of dollars and I dont think all can afford such bags, so from where do u all buy hand bags which are nice and still in fashion……. ?

  6. RS at | | Reply

    Just HATE that shade of green. So got nothing good to say about both.

  7. adorableonyourvanity at | | Reply

    green is my favorite color so i hate both of them for ruining it like this.

  8. sania chaudhri at | | Reply

    I think this shade of lime green isnt tricky if kept simple like Laila has.
    Im all for quirky,kitchy but I have zero tolerance for nasty materials!

  9. ZI at | | Reply

    I really like Sabinas sari…she cudve paired it with a less blingy blouse….Laila on the other hand looks much classier….Im beginning to feel the BV knot has been overdone now…

  10. Kashmira at | | Reply

    Is that a big long lock of hair flying far out of Laila’s head?

    1. Di at | | Reply

      LOL. Laila’s face is so long you could land an airplane on it and the makeup – euurgh!

  11. Anita at | | Reply

    I like Sabina’s sari n I think she is carrying the look well. Laila’s green is cool but the sequin sari yawn. There was a recent photo of Laila Lamba in vogue wearing a ruffled Tarun T sari…hideous hideous… LL will have to do much better than this to make up for that eyesore.

  12. Bsimple at | | Reply

    The lady on the right is looks eeeeeerily similar to Celine Dion…no kidding! She fares better, but is still a case of subtle match much :P

  13. oshoriri666 at | | Reply

    horrid make-up

  14. purple at | | Reply

    Loveee the green knot!

  15. sumiii at | | Reply

    love the colour of laila’s saree, could have draped it better though!
    how i wish i could see dia don this saree ..she would rock it!

  16. lurverlurver at | | Reply

    laila lamba looks like she could use a good scrub on her face..

  17. sue at | | Reply

    Seriously?! Are they auditioning for “Mandi 2”?

    1. krk at | | Reply

      i was thinking along the same lines….both looks reminded me of the movie ‘chameli’

  18. Sherry at | | Reply

    I still like Sabina’a saree more… laila’s make up is so werid

  19. vishnupadi at | | Reply

    Sabina’s DOIN’ IT RIGHT! Didn’t like Laila’s sari but her clutch is HAS TO HAS!

  20. RockRepublic at | | Reply

    Omg are you serious.. pairing that horrible sari with such a gorgeous BV knot only to camouflage it… Hell NO, Laila!!
    And Sabina on the other hand looks her kitschy best!!! The scarlet lips look so rad with the green :) LOVE!

  21. spongy at | | Reply

    yeh agreed sabinas saree is lil weird…u neva know ..sometimes things look really nice in real life and drab in pics…the other lady ..the color is lovely but theres somting bout sabina that i like..gess she always has this smile n seems like a warm kinda person(jus my thots)…so i ll be biased n say sabina..: D..

  22. Rezia at | | Reply

    Oooh I love that shade of poisonous emerald green on Sabina!! It’s SUCH a beautiful colour. The second lady’s sari is quite nice but lacks the punchiness of the first one.
    OK now I want to buy something shiny emerald green.

    1. kanika at | | Reply

      thanks – I struggled with the description of the color of this green in my post ( i opted for garden green) but ‘poisonous emerald green is definitely the term for that shade. !…

  23. Sapna at | | Reply

    Mujrawali sarees! Didn’t like the 1st one.

  24. khadija masood at | | Reply

    i still think sabina luked better…lailas make up is makin her luk all oiled up…while sabina luks fresh….and lailas clothes r nothin to write home abt….the green bottega was the worst choice with the green saree…saree itself very medicore

  25. Kiwi at | | Reply

    Laila’s saree is far better.. but the BV is matchy, matchy.. I also dislike her blouse .. I do not like Sabina’s saree too much but I dislike her lipstick

  26. R at | | Reply

    I love Sabina’s saree. Would buy it in a flash if it were affordable. I do NOT like Laila Lamba’s saree or appearance.

  27. npm at | | Reply

    Gads. Does nobody dress their age in Bombay anymore.??? Sabina looks cute and age-appropriate. The other one…he ram bacchao.

  28. arpitha at | | Reply

    Sabina’s sari looks liks a Chameli movie kind of saree. I dont like it at all. But looks like many of u liked it……?
    I like Lailas saree…simple green and white.

  29. Violet at | | Reply

    Much much much prefer sari on right for its sheer simplicity. The left one, on the other hand, is how shd I say it, what kareena could hv worn in Chameli. It’s just looking cheap to me.

  30. Pri at | | Reply

    im sooo over these blingy saris.

  31. monika at | | Reply

    Sabina’s shiny boder is really bad. In comparison Laila fares much better…..but it is just relative.

  32. May at | | Reply

    I HATE sabinas dress.. the gaudy print … the shiny thick border, the orange in the palloo… YIKES. ! I wud never wear it … ever …..
    Laila’s is still okay

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