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  1. Ss at | | Reply

    The sleeves are so ill fitted and the length of the skirt doesn’t work on her. That bag is an eyesore too, more so because of the way she is holding it. Looks like she has lost a ton of weight though.

    1. aaroohii at | | Reply

      exactly, for all that self proclamation of being Sonam’s stylist how does she not know how to carry a bag!

  2. OMGosh at | | Reply

    Love it! She’s looking great…

  3. Cherry Lane at | | Reply

    I love the outfit! apart from the bag…its pretty tacky!

  4. Mrsa at | | Reply

    Poor thing always looks like a frumpy granny to me!

  5. Sweta at | | Reply

    I wanttttttttt that skirt

  6. Lola at | | Reply

    She looks really good.

  7. Dazzled at | | Reply

    agree with Marsa…’Frumpy Granny’…always…

  8. POP at | | Reply

    Ufff! She’s a hot twenty-something, why in the world is she dressed like grammy on a carnival cruise??!!!!

    1. aaroohii at | | Reply

      that’s the funniest comment i’ve read on HHC

    2. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply


  9. 13whateva at | | Reply

    I love that skirt…please…

  10. Slc at | | Reply

    She looks great.

  11. S at | | Reply

    She’s looking awful. The outfit is dowdy and very depressing. She looks like a Greek widow.

  12. Malvika at | | Reply

    She looks like Soha Ali Khan’s better dressed twin.

  13. pinkMartini at | | Reply

    Lame…..she is one big example of self proclaimed fashionista…:P

  14. Blue Gold at | | Reply

    Isn’t this skirt very similar to the dress Freida Pinto wore (except in black and white instead of black and yellow)…I think it was a NAem Khan

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