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  1. kumar at | | Reply

    such a gorgeous face. a face that is so sexy n international (hollywood material), if only she could dress. hire sonam kapoor’s stylist already. n a good makeup n hair person to make u more FAB!!

  2. monika at | | Reply

    I do not like these jewel prints one bit.

  3. viz at | | Reply

    Personally I don’t care much for that dress but raveena looks good..much better than her last appearance.

  4. raveenalover at | | Reply

    Raveena is looking gorgeous in this dress

  5. Belle at | | Reply

    you know she had worn this dress/or a similar one in the Kitchen Champion show too?

    but yeah…not digging the shoes…or the hair

  6. ash at | | Reply

    OMG Raveenas actually looking good for a change! I usually hate her wardrobe choices, and the sandals look fine to me.

  7. Sharvari Paivaidya at | | Reply

    Ooo La la…hot hot hot Ravs is still ravishing….i loved the dress……the rhinestone included…..but the sandals…..so meh….. slinky pencil heels in silver or diamonte would have carried the outfit to an altogether new height

  8. Taj at | | Reply

    she looks stunning!

  9. dn at | | Reply

    She looks beautiful. These flowy dresses suit her so much better than the tight stuff she wears. I don’t hate the sandals with this dress, or the rhinestone part which provides some visual interest.

  10. charan at | | Reply

    oh no, not that flower sandals :(

  11. Zahraa at | | Reply

    Raveena’s really starting to upgrade these days..so kudos to her

    I really dont like the dress as much..maybe because the prints been done way too much..

  12. SeXYDevil at | | Reply

    Why does she (and all celebrities) clench their inner cheeks? Bet their mouths are sore after the attempts at pouting..

    1. Belle at | | Reply

      some do that to “look skinny”

      hahaha…it’s hilarious, because you can ALWAYS tell…but the person doing it never has any idea that we can see :P

    2. priya at | | Reply

      agree with Belle, but to be fair to Ravs, her face is naturally like that – amazing bone structure and cheek bones. the pout is natural too.

  13. Seerat at | | Reply

    Raveea is looking great here ,though i hate such dresses.

  14. Sej at | | Reply

    I don’t love this dress or anything like that – Ravs works it but that’s a different story. The design itself is so in your face and tacky looking IMO.

  15. shireen at | | Reply

    Very nice – Raveena looks a lot like Twinkle Khanna here.

  16. F at | | Reply

    Love the dress…feminine chic and original, nice mix of colors and well worn…

  17. Sabita at | | Reply

    i dont like the dress one bit…

  18. Bertie at | | Reply

    hmm…for a second i thought that was Twinkle ;)

  19. RINA at | | Reply

    raveena is looking fab! love the white dress –where can i source the dress from !

  20. hamsanat at | | Reply

    Raveena Thank for making me happy this morning, From UK

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