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  1. fashionista at | | Reply

    she did not do the same pose again!

  2. nefrititi at | | Reply

    heh, don’t care much for the dress, but the color looks good on her.

    but atleast one hand is back to framing her head. hmm…

  3. nefrititi at | | Reply

    wonder if she is going back to her signature mag pose again.

  4. Cleopatra at | | Reply

    Oh..cmon !!! She has pulled it off really well. The yellow one suits her… black one wouldn’t be first choice if i was in store

  5. Adi at | | Reply

    ha ha…it’s that pose again!! LOL!!

  6. manisha at | | Reply

    since i happen to love rosettes, this dress qualifies as droolworthy to me :)

    anyone wanna lend me 3815 pounds so i can buy it? hahah

  7. pdaervo at | | Reply

    love rosettes L) love the dress, in both forms
    actually, I just love Dior in general, they can practically do no wrong
    but I have to say, her thin figure doesn’t do justice to the 40’s shillouette of the dress

  8. Surbhi at | | Reply

    i kinda love the gold dress with the rosettes.. and she is looking awesome!

  9. xoxo at | | Reply

    like the colour and love rosettes bt nt priyanka

  10. me at | | Reply

    Can we take a break of miss Pryinka, she is every where and it is getting kind of annoying

  11. Laila at | | Reply

    I like rosettes when done properly and does Dior ever do anything wrong? Nope. Therefore I love this dress :)

    I’m a Priyanka fan so I think she looks really pretty… but damn it woman, change up the pose! (I actually mocked this pose yesterday when my friends and I were talking about taking professional photos… haha HHC always influencing my everday life)

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