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  1. SM at | | Reply

    she does look great… ‘cept those pumps bring down the dress a fair bit

    1. POP at | | Reply

      In close ups the pumps look weird, but in long shots the whole ensemble looks pretty striking, especially on the Jhalak Dikhlaja stage.

  2. Lady gaga at | | Reply

    Fab.. Love the fit of the dress on her

  3. s at | | Reply

    Meh…she seriously needs to reinvent her style. Tired of seeing these one piece dresses on her. And the hair looks overdone. I like the pumps!

  4. slc at | | Reply

    The dress looks fantastic on Priyanka. Love the pumps too.

  5. priya at | | Reply

    she looks good but those pumps are HIDEOUS and look awful with the rest of her outfit.

    1. R at | | Reply

      I agree!

  6. Paroma at | | Reply

    That’s a great dress. And the hair and makeup are good too. However those shoes jar with the dress.

  7. Jyoti at | | Reply

    She looks HOT!!!!! People were complaining about her having the same old style … boy did she turn around and this FAST

  8. bongbabe at | | Reply

    PC doesnt dress for fashion bloggers or for blog commentors (like myself). as hard as it might be to wrap your head round this fact of life, it is true. PC (and all the other actors) dress for their audience. people who buy movie tickets. people who dont know what “body con” even means (and why should everybody know or even care what stylists specialise in?). PC dresses for people like my male friends – who are the bulk of her fans. and they LOOOOVE the way she looks. so why listen to fashion blogs.

    1. the judge at | | Reply

      Couldn’t agree more – That is also the same reason Shriya Saran dresses the way she does – all the while attracting flak on this blog

      1. veenu at | | Reply

        I totally agree. All the males I know love her dressing. So who cares whether it’s good or not fashionably. She does dress for the gallery…

      2. POP at | | Reply

        Your point makes perfect sense. However, what baffles me is when magazines (fashion or otherwise) label these stars as most stylish, fashionable etc. Some even get book deals. I’m O.K. with GQ or FHM calling them sexy or whatever, but fashionable, stylish? No way!

    2. Food poisoned attorney at | | Reply

      I don’t think she dresses for just the people who buy movie tickets or just her male fans…if she did, she wouldn’t need a stylist or the brands would she? Like it or not most celebrities care abt being on the best dressed list and in all probability she or her stylist do come on this site and other popular ones!!!

      1. Phoenix at | | Reply

        I think it’s mostly dressing for the general audience who don’t know what brand she’s wearing or what her style is – they just know she looks like a “Movie Star” and it’s also for her celeb friends/richer audience she would look D list if she didn’t have a proper stylist and proper clothes. I do believe they all come on this site.

        Regardless, of course we know she dresses for the general audience but this is a fashion site we can’t keep her audience in mind when we are critiquing her fashion sense :)

  9. zombieink. at | | Reply

    neat! this is indeed one of her best appearances lately. though I wish the shoes were different. neverthless Ms. chopra ‘s hair style gives her an edge here:)

  10. MJ at | | Reply

    Hate this dress! Reminds me of the one-boob-show drape on sarees. Don’t like the random two cuts in pattern on the skirt area either. Or those hideous pumps. Yay for the ponytail, that’s it. How about some red lips to bring this look together, woman?!

  11. Food poisoned attorney at | | Reply

    Love!!! She looks amazing though those pumps are a bit heavy!!!

  12. Shilpi at | | Reply

    wow a refreshing change ..except for the pumps ..too heavy for the look ..wish our heroines would experiment with some edgier shoes

  13. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Finally, she looks good! The dress and colour look good on her. I would have ditched those ghastly red stacked heels though and would have worn black strappy heels instead.

  14. Tehi at | | Reply

    Don’t get the red pumps at all…they totally pull down an otherise nice look.

  15. missplaced at | | Reply

    priyanka finally at peace wid her hair, getting dere almost!!!! the shoes btw are ghastly, a bright pink or yellow pumps would hv added d right amount of pop which d red fails to do!!

  16. Aradhana at | | Reply

    Grey-Red : sexy combination and on such a hot bod, sexier.

    1. rhutz at | | Reply

      +1 :)

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