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  1. Lola at | | Reply

    She looks pretty good…I don’t quite understand the attraction to and rage with this clothing label. Lots of this label are hideous.

    1. Lola at | | Reply

      I meant “…Lots of creation under this label are hideous.”

      1. neha at | | Reply

        agree with you …..i find falguni and shane dresses quite ugly…..just don’t get em’

  2. VanillaVibes at | | Reply

    Can’t stand those bangs here!

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      1. neha at | | Reply

        + 1

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    3. Ash at | | Reply

      Agree. Its hideous

  3. Nisha B at | | Reply

    she looks good..something which is not an eyesore by Falguni & Shane but then there’s something off around the bust area.

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      I agree about the bust area. Its as if the dress has nipples. yuck.

  4. Observor at | | Reply

    I dont know why she always comes across as tacky and wannabe to me and I can’t count the number of her HHC sightings where she looked genuinely food and sophisticated. In the last few weeks, she has been trying very hard to give out a rockstar vibe(for obvious reasons) and to me,it just doesn’t click. Looks like she is trying too hard to be a certain kind all the time. I can’t see what the real priyanka, with her inherent style sense, is like.

    1. Observor at | | Reply

      I *can count the number of sightings I mean. Basically they are so few and far between

      1. apple at | | Reply

        Thing is, it’s super difficult for her to pull off the rocker chic vibe – she definitely has the body and face for it, but for years we’ve been seeing her churn out glittery MM sarees and super short bodycon dresses with not a hint of rockstar, and all of a sudden she’s been turning up everywhere in leather and studs and boots. She can wear these looks sure, but she can never OWN them. In our minds she’ll always be the Miss-India-Hardcore-Bollywood types.

  5. Food poisoned attorney at | | Reply

    Those shoes are too heavy and don’t like the make-up either…but she is working the dress as always!!!

  6. tosh at | | Reply

    pri- BODYCon -chopra

    1. mmhater at | | Reply

      hahah.. thats so funny :)

  7. just me at | | Reply

    Priyanka’s stylist seems to be doing quite the hatchet job on her! This should have been an event where she should have brought her A game – but yikes @ the bangs, those earrings and that dress (which actually reminded me that I need to buy a new pair of leather gloves…so there’s that – thanks dress for reminding me of leather gloves!)

    1. KK at | | Reply

      I agree this is where she should’ve brought her A-game and this look just doesn’t work. I can’t even pinpoint what it is that doesn’t work for me – the earrings, the dress, the bangs or the makeup.

    2. paris at | | Reply

      completely agree. i think the dress, make-up and hair are all hideous.

  8. bohochic at | | Reply

    The dress is absolutely tacky …. and wonder what is great about this look..It’s her same ol same ol … look…. Yawn ! and I agree this lanbel has lot of ugly clothes

  9. Shilpi at | | Reply

    fire ur stylist please , you are paying her money for nothing

  10. Radiya Ahmed at | | Reply

    tacky! tacky tacky! its sad when her own lack of style is so obvious. tsk tsk.

  11. POP at | | Reply

    Your judgement too kind
    It is time she needs to shine
    Look great, not just fine

  12. veenu at | | Reply

    terrible contacts, bad hairstyling and horrid earrings. How can one even like this??

  13. Shrewti at | | Reply

    I think the hair make up and accessories let her down big time. Such an important career move and she should’ve looked like the rockstar instead she manages bolly actress. Disappointed.
    What she needed was unkempt big hair and sexy cuff and body makeup to match her face.

  14. Sonal at | | Reply

    tacky dress, but ohh that body is so right for a bodycon dress. envious!

  15. Tehi at | | Reply

    yikes…what an ugly dress1

  16. Rachita at | | Reply

    Am i the only one who can see the nipples?! One of her worst looks!

  17. tina at | | Reply

    The only major miss are the earrings. The rest works fine for what she’s going for.

    One aesthetic alone is not right for everyone. Victoria Beckham sheath dresses look great on ladies who lunch but Priyanka is aiming for something else. A slightly raunchy, rock star with tight skirts and short hemlines that appeal to the male audience is exactly her thing. That doesn’t automatically make it horrible just because she’s not going the typical pretty girl thing.

  18. ramya at | | Reply

    I can see the outlines of her nipples

  19. missplaced at | | Reply

    i had read here in hhc, someone commented that priyanka wants it all, she wants rocker chic but wants to look pretty and girly too… which i think holds 100% true ryt now… dis look is a total mish-mash…. really wat is it, a rockstar who wears diamond drop earrings, or a dominatrix who’s also playing sub today or a bee-hive hairstyle made “pretty” wid d addition of bangs??? its jus so many levels of wrong!!! i dunno how good d music is, but if it is as confusing as her style sense den i’m not really holding my breath for it!!!!

  20. Z at | | Reply

    She looks hideous! I still can’t get my head round the fact that Ami Patel is considered a stylist and is a fashion director of a magazine.

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  22. Pri at | | Reply

    It’s such a terrible creation(dress)! She could ve done so much better!

  23. Sunanda at | | Reply

    Woh dress…. kuchh ajeeb thi….
    Yeh dress bhiiiiiii ajeeeb hai….

  24. Nikki at | | Reply

    I think she looks fab. Love Love Love! :)

  25. Enne at | | Reply

    I think PC is just noncommital here! The dress is okay, but the pumps, bangs and earrings are just all over the place. I think she’s afraid to just scream one thing. Rocker, bollywood, girlie, ladylike, just pick one!
    The looks in her video didn’t fit either. btw I completely hated the video and the song was all autotune and that cheerleading outfit was such a joke! I was really rooting for her but then I saw the video & heard the song. major dissapointment. :o( I think the only thing PC is commted to style wise, is that awful brown lipstick. wah, wah, wah…

  26. v at | | Reply

    She looks like Neeta Lulla, with the bangs, the poof et all

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