From Photoshoot To Cannes


One woman’s special photo spread is another’s travel gear!

P.S. You can check out the original spread where Priyanka wears this panther print Ferragamo here.


Left: Priyanka Chopra in L’Officiel India Mar 2009
Right: Angelina Jolie Arrives at Cannes 2009

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  1. This is so too funny! How ironic that one start wears it to as travel apparel and the other does an editorial shoot with that dress! Angelina looks so casually beautiful but tired! Then again she has 6 kids!

  2. lol. finally this dress gets a worthy wearer! They should have just the dress do all the talking and not overpower it with that horrendous hair

  3. Even with the make-up, styling and lighting, Priyanka doesn’t have half the sizzle of a tired-looking, probably-jet lagged Angelina!

  4. Haha, now that!
    Oh and P n P, i love the way you people go like, “one woman’s …. is another woman’s ….”!

  5. pretty funny…kinda feel sorry for poor pranks……. all done up in hours of hair and make up and major styling to be overshadowed by angie in her travel gear who looks like she just threw it on effortlessly!

  6. wat a fugly dress..n no ones creepier than angie..frm being a porn star to kissin her bro on the lips..n wats up wid u suckers..not posting much

  7. dont like it on either one. it looks like a “nightie”
    but angelina looks comfortable in it… so i can understand why she wore it.

  8. Priyanka, honey, call me, I will style you. Enough with ruining every outfit with bad posture, wrong hair and accessories.

  9. yeah this dress was totally made for Angie…she looks quite sexy in it without even doing anything! Priyanka, on the other hand, doesn’t really do justice to this dress


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