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  1. deewani at | | Reply

    this is hilarious.. like a little girl playing dress up out of her handmade crafts

    1. koma at | | Reply

      I totally agree !

      P and P are you really serious ?

  2. Myla at | | Reply

    Loooove it. I think people who are themselves just look so wonderful (think Vidya Balan :D). I love her natural quirkiness; more power to her!

    1. pop at | | Reply

      I agree! I’m not feeling the bag, but I LOVE the rest of it!

  3. Sal (SS) at | | Reply

    Part of me wants to love this; the shades are adorable, I love the hair accessory, the dress is fun and a great color. However, the draping of the shawl/stole/ wrap/dupatta, combined with the hair. brings to mind auntie-jis from my childhood making a quick run to the downstairs grocery store. I can’t help but like the vibe she gives out, though; she looks like she dresses for herself and to have fun, not to look pretty for the onlookers.

  4. fashion police at | | Reply

    yaay!true instance of fearless fashion.

  5. AV1983 at | | Reply

    That’s weird!

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply


    2. koma at | | Reply

      I totally agree !

  6. yamy at | | Reply

    I love her and I love Little Shilpa! Two amazing fashion forces come together, natural fit!

  7. Nick at | | Reply

    It is a fun look but ..can you really cross your heart and be willing to wear that purple thing (a 3rd grade arts & crafts project..)

    1. RK at | | Reply

      I totally agree!!!!! May be a kiddo would be adorable wearing that for a theme party, but thats about it!!! Lets not get carried way by the “risk taking” …. There is only so much risk one can bear :P

    2. koma at | | Reply

      Ha hA ha ! Actually my third grader won’t wear this either !
      May be the 1st grader will try it when she plays “house” and raids my makeupbox !

  8. voldemort at | | Reply

    i dont think this is quirky, i think its damn stupid. its not “original style” if all you are doing is putting random crap on your head to get noticed.

  9. a at | | Reply

    oh hey my sister has those sunglasses! available at children’s place i think.

  10. narmeena at | | Reply

    ewwwwwwww what is this ? its too bad to be called too ugly ! she looks like she was covered by hand made festival clown clothes leftovers ! wake up bollywood hehehehe ! watch more international TV shows plz ! thats what we call BARE CRAP !

  11. Jasmine at | | Reply

    love it!

    1. Jasmine at | | Reply

      the colours, the quirkiness and most importantly the confidence. she totally rocks it.

      1. bongbabe at | | Reply


  12. zina at | | Reply

    wow, finding people dressed like that is such a rarity in india, or anywhere in the world actually..
    now thats called unique, im really impressed!

  13. saristyle at | | Reply

    ohh that twitter bird in pink as headgear…hmmmm

  14. Amber at | | Reply

    If anything, she looks like a clown.

  15. Belle at | | Reply

    she reminds me a bit of sara khan actually…which means i will naturally hate her hair. lol

    1. Myla at | | Reply

      I do not like Sara Khan. She just IRRITATES me so much! Just saying :D

  16. blmr at | | Reply

    I suppose one can get away with anything at the races.

  17. Jennifer at | | Reply

    the glasses are a weird size or shape for her face though…idk there’s something weird about them.

  18. CCCookies at | | Reply

    The dress is by Small Shop (Anshu & Jason)
    Love the ‘Lush Lips’ by Little Shilpa. Not feeling the bag though.

  19. Thalassa at | | Reply

    The thing with Priya Kishore is, no one would be oohing and aahing her choices if she wasn’t such a pretty girl. She can wear a paper bag and people would still gush about her quirky style.

    Word of advice – she’s a bit old to pull off that manic pixie dream girl look.

  20. cher at | | Reply

    Now most ppl will label this outfit..TACKY & UNPRACTICAL !!
    Perhaps unpractical fashion which however got faux pass on HHC.
    Surprised ? Me ? Not so much !

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