We’ll say this slow… We. Got. A. Mention. In. Vogue. Wooohoooo!

Thanks a bunch to the team over at Vogue and to all you readers for spreading the word/love. We owe you guys a drink.

Oh what a month this is starting out to be… Excuse us while we go toss back a couple! ;)

vogue india june press

Vogue, June 2010


  1. You galz are amazing……can’t wait to see actual pics of u both sometime soon …so that we can put a face to ur names !!!

  2. Congratulations! this is awesome and you derserve it totahlly!!! and when and where should we come for the drinks??? :)

    • that is an extremely codescending thing to say…the Vogue India is still the Vogue, you know. How very colonial of you

    • Why? Do we specifically need a stamp of approval from the “gori chamdi wale log” to prove our worth? You are so 18th century. It’s like people acknowledging that AR Rahman is good at his job since now he has his grammy/oscar though he has been making the most amazing music for decades.

  3. Congratulations P & P. This blog is so addictive and it’s nice to see the world catching on. You girls are really good at this.


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