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  1. slc at | | Reply

    Preity looks really cute. Love the maxi.

  2. dn at | | Reply

    She looks lovely! An effortless look.

  3. ritu at | | Reply

    I think the maxi doesn’t fit her well. She could have done better. This hairstyle doesn’t suit her at all.

  4. Paroma at | | Reply

    Love it! Suits her beautifully.

  5. Lola at | | Reply

    She looks really good.

  6. RM at | | Reply

    Finally a look which suits her…. She is looking good

  7. Bigpuffyclouds at | | Reply

    The print is horrendous..looks like an outfit made out of bed sheets.

  8. $ at | | Reply

    not so good but still a good change from her past looks…she was literally doing fashion crimes in her past looks..this one is a bit better

  9. Cara at | | Reply

    For 2 minutes I thought she was wearing BCBG/ DVF.
    Jesus Surily Goel, “inspirations” are other things this is just really annoying.

  10. Sumaira at | | Reply

    this print is a direct knonk-off of a line from BCBG a few years ago.

    1. Sumaira at | | Reply

      search for kareena kapoor bcbg on highheelconfidential and go to not quite post

  11. umarana at | | Reply

    i just find it really too busy in a pointless way. what’s the need for that contrasty piping down the neck? the whole outfit is too loud for it to look comfortable. just like the Sarah Jane neon blue maxi by Surily done earlier was also way too loud. all these look decent in a dark nightclub and should be worn strictly at an OTT party night.

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