1. She DOESN’t look like her (disclaimer necessary to save brickbats) – it looks though as if she’s trying to look like Aish. If she isn’t trying still I can see a faint resemblance lately with the hair and makeup.

    • its the contact lenses. these b.wood girls have extended their obsession with being fair to having colored eyes. WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH BEAUTIFUL BROWN EYES!

  2. Egad!I am trying to understand what this outfit is! Is it a two piece outfit? The churidar seems to be growing out fabrics from everywhere. Sure, this is not as bad as that red horrible circus tent seen earlier on Ms Sharma but except the color this thing is not working. She should also lose that constipated pout.

  3. Don’t like the outfit, on her and otherwise. All of Nupur Kanoi s outfits seem to be a sorry amalgamation of other designers work.

  4. Wonder if she looked at herself in the mirror before she left for this event….u have to be insane to wear an outfit like this in public or actually even behin closed doors….

  5. Minus the pout, the white collar, and the ugly fabric at the bottom this would have been a nice look. For a moment I didnt recognize her Luv the hair

  6. hahaha, this is a WTHey. It also makes her look like she has no neck. I see Prachi has gone through the Bollywood assembly line complete with bleached hair and colored contacts.


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