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  1. WTF at | | Reply

    The shoes are nice. But it does not suit this woman, particularly with that dress

  2. kiwi at | | Reply

    Are the black ones by Fendi.. not suiting her.. in any case, I prefer the taupe/nude colours in this design.Even the shoe on the right does not work-the ankle wrap needed to be tighter

    1. M at | | Reply

      Yh they are Fendi! Love them but not on her!

  3. Arthi at | | Reply

    Ouchhh… why did she do that??

  4. diptiN at | | Reply

    very strange, it looks like she has tied a few pieces of cloth randomly on her feet.

  5. Gayathri at | | Reply


  6. meria at | | Reply

    in my opinion those shoes wud hv lukedb gr8 on a size zero

  7. Prachi at | | Reply

    The black shoes are looking too chunky with the mini dress…

  8. Hema at | | Reply

    None of it works on her…just looks so contrived.

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