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  1. the mad momma at | | Reply

    okay that child needs help. her tunic is nice but she needs to do something with her face.

    nina wins hands down.

  2. arti at | | Reply

    nina for sure-but dress so ugly-sp the colour

  3. Aarthi at | | Reply

    Nina for sure! Not loving her footwear…but otherwise she rocks it!
    I think Arpita needs to work on the makeup

  4. Enne at | | Reply

    Nina’s totally workin it. The lil one on the left is being overpowered by the tunic and needs more polishing!

  5. kayshika at | | Reply

    lmao at the mad momma’s comment!!!
    I sooooooooooooooooooo agree by the way.

  6. Megha at | | Reply

    i can’t understand the shoes that nina manuel is wearing…

  7. Madhu at | | Reply

    PnP are you serious? Do I even require to spell the winner here….by far. The woman on the left leaves a LOT to be desired.

  8. SExyDevil at | | Reply

    Arpita needs the following – Cleaner eyebrows, a good haircut and some decent makeup.

    I do feel bad about criticizing the kid, who perhaps has no clue that she is being judged like this.

  9. Anon at | | Reply

    I think this comparison is a bit unfair- on one hand you have a normal young girl who’s probably still discovering her style and on the other hand a model with the perfect figure.. Would love to say Nina takes the prize, but don’t think it’s fair in this case..

  10. k=kirthi at | | Reply

    i hate nina’s shoes, so my vote goes to arpita.

  11. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    haha love how you refer to her as “that child”. she really looks like she’s 11 or something. nina looks alright, but not a fan of the boot-chappals. the top looks like a tunic (i.e., you’re supposed to wear pants under it.) i think without the pants it just looks like a beach cover up.

  12. mia at | | Reply

    they both look nice.

  13. Malini at | | Reply


  14. prisha at | | Reply

    hate ninas footwear…
    totally ruins the look…

  15. pdaervo at | | Reply

    that’s a bit unfair

  16. Dimple at | | Reply

    NO DOUBT…nina it is.

    Why do Star sisters come out so indecently in public…she definitely does not belong to the glamour world.

  17. P at | | Reply

    How about neither? And how about sticking to colors that suit our complexion? And also how about NOT wearing slippers that have weird ankle clothing?

  18. JS at | | Reply

    i don’t think critizing Aprita is unfair. She’s not a kid – she’s in college. She may be figuring out her style, but that’s no way to go about with her frumpy hair and au natural look. A little powder, eyeliner and lipstick is all she needs to be a bit more presentable, especially when you prance about in designer clothes & shoes.

  19. dn at | | Reply

    Not a fair comparison.

  20. Nosh at | | Reply

    I don’t like this tunic as a dress on either one of them…

  21. divi at | | Reply

    Who is Arpita Khan?

  22. crab at | | Reply

    Nina looks sexy.

  23. Ritu at | | Reply

    Nina wins, of course. I am going to sound mean now but…Arpita looks very, very common and simple. Not saying that’s wrong, but such flashy clothes don’t work well on such people.

  24. priya at | | Reply


    arpita is salman khan’s adopted sister.

  25. Another Nisha at | | Reply

    Do be honest, I love the look and feel of these tunic dresses.. I wear one myself.. just that the colour is a lot more muted.
    I like Arpita’s tunic better but prefer how Nina pulls it off.. which is obvious cuz she’s groomed!
    Arpita will learn. She’s cute.

  26. Surbhi at | | Reply

    i somehow dont like any of them in it.. its the darker skin i supp.. to me Arpita is marginally better
    Nina looks like choco in it

  27. sabita at | | Reply

    I mite be the only one but I do like Nina’s footwear …its quirky and she wears it well…

  28. pinknoise at | | Reply

    luv Ninas look beter than the other girl

  29. pinknoise at | | Reply

    and youre not the only one sabita i like her her footwear too

  30. k=kirthi at | | Reply

    adopted sister?

  31. eclat at | | Reply

    @surbhi: What’s with the “darker skin” thing?
    I like Nina’s look, minus the shoes.
    I don’t think Arpita is such a kid- she sure knows her labels!

  32. Ria at | | Reply

    Just not liking the dress/tunic

  33. Protyasha at | | Reply

    It’s that Gucci clutch again, isn’t it?

  34. Sabbah K. (model) at | | Reply

    Arpita has abeautiful face. She wears a smile and some lip gloss….
    Both are pretty.

  35. beautiful_life at | | Reply

    nina looks good….arpita needs halp

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