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Who wears the Monisha Jaisingh tunic better?

Arpita Khan
Nina Manuel

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Arpita needs the following – Cleaner eyebrows, a good haircut and some decent makeup.

    I do feel bad about criticizing the kid, who perhaps has no clue that she is being judged like this.

  2. I think this comparison is a bit unfair- on one hand you have a normal young girl who’s probably still discovering her style and on the other hand a model with the perfect figure.. Would love to say Nina takes the prize, but don’t think it’s fair in this case..

  3. haha love how you refer to her as “that child”. she really looks like she’s 11 or something. nina looks alright, but not a fan of the boot-chappals. the top looks like a tunic (i.e., you’re supposed to wear pants under it.) i think without the pants it just looks like a beach cover up.

  4. How about neither? And how about sticking to colors that suit our complexion? And also how about NOT wearing slippers that have weird ankle clothing?

  5. i don’t think critizing Aprita is unfair. She’s not a kid – she’s in college. She may be figuring out her style, but that’s no way to go about with her frumpy hair and au natural look. A little powder, eyeliner and lipstick is all she needs to be a bit more presentable, especially when you prance about in designer clothes & shoes.

  6. Nina wins, of course. I am going to sound mean now but…Arpita looks very, very common and simple. Not saying that’s wrong, but such flashy clothes don’t work well on such people.

  7. Do be honest, I love the look and feel of these tunic dresses.. I wear one myself.. just that the colour is a lot more muted.
    I like Arpita’s tunic better but prefer how Nina pulls it off.. which is obvious cuz she’s groomed!
    Arpita will learn. She’s cute.

  8. @surbhi: What’s with the “darker skin” thing?
    I like Nina’s look, minus the shoes.
    I don’t think Arpita is such a kid- she sure knows her labels!


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