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  1. KisS at | | Reply

    Besides this shade of blue being my favorite, I love the collar, the neckline, and how the zipper goes off to the side. This outfit makes her look like a rocker chick with class! Love it!

    She looks average in the red Victoria Beckham dress, however that tacky black colored finger ring makes it worse. With a dress color like that, I’d probably go with a bold gold bracelet, thin and long (close to shoulder length) earrings to add some color to the outfit, and gold pumps. Right accessories does wonders to plain and simple outfits :) It would also make a huge difference if the dress was a tad bit shorter… maybe an inch or two max?

  2. Senorita at | | Reply

    now that blue dress is how you dress up your delish curves, Neha Dhupia

  3. Diva at | | Reply

    She looks fab in the blue dress but I have to say that she looks like a traffic cone in the VB dress.

    1. ragman at | | Reply

      he he. agree

  4. DiptiN at | | Reply

    The VB dress is too long, the flared skirt makes her hips look bigger than they are. She looks good in the blue dress. Were those pockets really necessary?

  5. Food poisoned attorney at | | Reply

    Love the cobalt blue one. She looks fantastic there. The VB one completely agree, that is really ill-fitting which is strange usually VB dresses look so snug.

  6. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Love the cobalt dress on her: she looks fit and fab!

  7. sab at | | Reply

    blue dress is nice but the red is weird length!

  8. SMV at | | Reply

    Did Victoria Beckham design that red dress for the Queen?
    and Neha picked it up by mistake?

    She look nice in blue one though.

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