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  1. PC at | | Reply

    Call me ignorant.. but how do these actors’ skin look so oily.. I am assuming there is a lot of makeup and powder which has been used and their faces still end up looking so oily like they haven’t showered for days.

  2. Avani at | | Reply

    Nah. This is a complete miss. So oily she looks which in turn makes her look that she hasn’t showered. The clothes make her look more stocky. I can’t imagine she wore such a bracelet. The bag is only adding to the woes.

  3. ronan at | | Reply

    my sister has the same bag , it cost 6500 euros. i wonder where does these women get that kind of money? she has no single movie .. nothing professional going on and still can afford high end stuff .. just making appearances u make so much money in INDIA ?

    1. Sin at | | Reply

      Maybe her stylist put together the outfit along with the bag just for this appearance and she returned it later.

      1. Avani at | | Reply

        I think that’s right. P&P did mention that these ladies are lent clothes, sheos & bags- like a product promotion. They do return it.

  4. Asha at | | Reply

    Hot mess. So many textures clashing for attention.

  5. Sarah at | | Reply

    Don’t like the clothes one bit. Really dowdy affair. The saving grace is the vintage Chanel.

  6. jadine at | | Reply

    She looks uniquely beautiful, as Neha usually does. The hair could have been a little less severe.

  7. Gerry at | | Reply

    Don’t like this look either

  8. Amu at | | Reply

    She’s has either lost her fashion mojo or a stylist… a few months back she used to rock every single outfit… what happened?

  9. ab at | | Reply

    Neha Dhupia is on a mission to wear total flop looks and outfits lately.very bad.

  10. Ashes of Roses at | | Reply

    Love those earrings. Anybody ID them?
    Seen Shilpa Shetty wearing the same/similar bracelet here

  11. Mio at | | Reply

    Neha’s appearances all follow one formula – Boxy shapeless clothes, monotonic colors, oily makeup, and hair that is too severe or not seen a comb for a few days

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