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      Yea I agree … Doesn’t work at all!! haha

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    What is that? Is it a gown, or a saree? Neha, oh no Neha.

    Why are most of the stars so badly dressed or at best average at the IIFA?

  3. way2sassy at | | Reply

    Ummm…and what is this outfit meant to be? Chandamama apsara meets dominatrix? Like she can’t make up her mind whether to dance for the Gods or to crack a whip?

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      Chandamama Apsara meeting dominatrix …LOL

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      Chandamama Apsara meeting dominatrix …LOL

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      That was darn funny!

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      that is too funny! … LOL

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      way2sassy, you can take fashion review as an alternate career. You are good :)

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        Thanks Padma :)

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    Weird pic/pose..the head and body look like they belong to two different people. Overall – Fail.

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    oh she looks lovely

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    i think she looks fabulous. she fares way better than some of the other looks from the evening!

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    Good on her for experimenting! Doing a grunge look with a saree.. Tough one but she manages to pull it off. Love her spunk

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    Oh God no! She did not! My first impression of it was that she was wearing a Sari! Definitely not something I would tough with a barge pole.

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      According to her, this is supposed to be a sari but one that looks like a gown. (iifa red carpet)

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    Oh God no! She did not! My first impression of it was that she was wearing a Sari! Definitely not something I would touch with a barge pole.

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    this is a WTHeyy for me. she normally dresses well.

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    this is a tarun tahiliani!

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    Yep! she did pull it off! for her pear shaped body, i do think this dress suits her better than itsy bitsy minis..:)

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    i love it…..its different nd not sleazy!!!!!

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    I think its really interesting and she pulls it off. Great color too!

  15. s.y. at | | Reply

    this is a way too far fetched and original take on the sari and it’s not working. some things are best left untampered and unadulterated.

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    whats wrong with Tarun Tahiliani.. first the shipa shetty diasater at her reception.. now this…. looks like he is loosing his touch…

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    Fabbbb.. Shes looking different and like one warrior-princess .. ! Loveeeee

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    luuuuurve luuuuurve luuuuurve…she looks awesome.good for her-she experiments, she’s edgy, she has the right attitude.i am sooooo glad she didn’t go the usual blingy sari, miniscule bra blouse way or the pageanty gown route.

    casi in point- look at how hideous lara dutta looks in her pageant gown and grandma hair…she looked better and more chic boarding the flight to colombo than on the carpet (red, green, blue, whatever) in colombo!!

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    she looks great.but p and p why have you tagged kavita bhartia?

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    Normally I like a 6 yard to be …well a 6 yard. But this experiment got me kickd. Loved the grunge effect. And the weather over there was humid (my friend was one of the makeup experts attending to the stars at IIFA), which led to many stars having a bad hair day (sussane Roshan being one of them). But Neha pulled it off. The hair, the make-up. everything.

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    I think she looks fab! :-) love the belt and the smokey eyes.

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    I like where she’s going with this. I think it would have worked if the blouse was more fitted and the chain embellishments were restricted to the sari alone The chains on the blouse just make it look too busy

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    She dares to be different and pulls it off! This one’s definitely a hit for :-)

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    She dares to be different and pulls it off! This one’s definitely a hit for me :-)

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    tarun tahiliani is in a phase… or a rut! whichever way you wish to look at it. same shapes… lehenga/sarre/gown style.
    and you ask – did she oull it off – NOPE. even neha cant rescue this one!

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    A most definite Hell YEAH! from me. She’s probably the only one who can pull that look off. I think its the fact that she KNOWS that she’s working it that is helping her pull it off.

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    pulled it off with gusto
    GO NEHA!

    And as much as i love traditional saris – i don’t see any issue with a new take on it

    never thought a grungy sari was a possibility

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    i love it! she pulled off this look with minimal accessories i think she looks great! i luv the outfit

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    I think she looks good. But…but..but… am I the only person who thinks she looks stocky at the waist or is it the camera angle?

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    Epic Fail!

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    Very interesting!

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    Interesting look.Not sure many people are going to like it

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    Very hot. So much better than the glittery chiffon sarees.

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