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  1. kanchanmasi at | | Reply

    The outfit is really great but i hate that hairband she is wearing! Is it a hairband? or has she put blonde highlights in her hair? Either way, that is the only thing bringing down this look… drastically.

  2. PC at | | Reply

    Love the hair and makeup and she looks greate.. One very very minor gripe is the shearness of the dress…

  3. Adara at | | Reply

    She looks nice but the model looks better in it. The tight bodice, the high neck and the sleeves are making her look stout.

  4. sree at | | Reply

    gorg! love this woman’s fashion sense <3

  5. KJ at | | Reply

    Completely washed out. Everything!

  6. Doss at | | Reply

    I really like that she kept it simple. She looks great, as always.

  7. Megha at | | Reply

    Just beautiful! she makes what looks like a lackluster dress on the runway really shine in real life
    This woman knows how to sell what she wears better than anyone else in bollywood

  8. lush.green.pastures at | | Reply

    Love the dress but then I’m a sucker for anything that’s soft,feminine, lacy, diaphanous and this outfit checks all the boxes.

    The hairdo works ultra-well with the attire and the apparent highlights (which I’m against more often than not)/hairband actually enhances the entire look by providing that much-needed pop of brassy colour.

  9. Amber at | | Reply

    I usually like her but this outfit isn’t flattering on her. I like the soft makeup and hair even though her eyes are looking a bit small

  10. V at | | Reply

    Wish she had pink lipstick on.. Like the model.

  11. mimee at | | Reply

    that model is gorgeous!

    anyone know her name?

  12. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply


  13. Najm Nisa at | | Reply

    Love her fashion sense. Love this dress. Love the makeup. Love the hairstyle ! Everything about her speaks of LOVE !

  14. Lola at | | Reply

    Like the whole presentation; very cute and innocent like.

  15. Aicha at | | Reply

    love the dress on Neha…. a nice elegant Victorian feminine feel to the look…..

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