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  1. Cleopatra at | | Reply

    Can you please update the link to this entire gallery for the bridal asia preview ?

  2. ngm82 at | | Reply

    what on earth is she wearing??!? and that doggie hair style is not good either!!

  3. Tara at | | Reply

    Ugh UGH U G H! She should be arrested by the Fashion Police. How on earth can she dress Aishwarya etc. who are blinded by her god knows what!

  4. monika at | | Reply

    Yes, what is this dress? Can’t make head or tail of it.

  5. Kimmy at | | Reply

    For some reason, I think fashion designers are immune to the clothes they make/represent. I think it’s part of the trade…I can’t count how may hair salons I’ve been in where the stylist’s hair looks a mess!

  6. mj at | | Reply

    just goes to show that except for a few truly talented designers, it doesn’t take a lot to be called a top notch designer in india…all you need a few classless, tasteless movie stars to back you up and the equally ignorant media to prop you up!!
    she is on the verge of a camel toe in the first pic…just about!!

  7. pan at | | Reply

    She was my teacher at desing school …. never liked her then havent you seen the horrid stuff she makes for aishwarya n the one she made for Rakhi… do u honestly expect her to do any better than this?

  8. akaa at | | Reply

    What is that??
    And what i relayy wonder about is-
    Does she really have a formal degree in fashion designing?
    Is she a stylist turned designer??
    Her outfits are tacky .. and she makes herself as well as others (even Aishwarya) look NOT good!!

    So what is that something in her that her shops havent shut down as yet!!

  9. Tara at | | Reply

    Arrest her Arrest her Oh Fashion Police Arrest her!

  10. belle déesse at | | Reply

    you know what? I just came back from Italy last week and it makes me sick that 99% of the shopkeepers, pedestrians etc there dress way way way better than our so-called superstars and socialites

  11. ramizi at | | Reply

    I think she looks great! Dont know why she would wear it back to back but it’s so chill!

  12. kaya at | | Reply

    Not just a designer, a fantastic designer (reference: Jodha Akbar) which makes it tragic.

    Commented on her before, won’t waste my breath again…

  13. R at | | Reply

    That is one lhasa apso hairstyle! EWW!!!
    And WHAT is the outfit? I can’t like or dislike it since I can’t understand it. AT ALL! eww!

  14. pdaervo at | | Reply

    This looks like something a confused 11 year-old would wear

  15. melange at | | Reply

    Hard to imagine that it’s the same woman who designed for Hum dil de chuke sanam and Jodhaa Akbar. Esp the latter cuz it was so fabulous.

  16. melange at | | Reply

    And is the woman next to her in the first pic dressed in nightwear??!!

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