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Catapulted to ‘IT’ status by a certain Ms. Lohan, the Pauric Sweeney Python Bag has found two fans in apna Bollywood too. Star wives, Twinkle and Suzanne, were spotted carrying the travel bag this year at two separate occasions as also was the lady who paired it with a simple white salwar/kurta.

While, I can’t bring myself to like the bag one bit (the silver and brown contrast is a bit too much for me), what are your thoughts?

P.S. Anyone know the lady in white?


Left: Twinkle Khanna At Araish Event
Center: Suzanne Khan at Ohm art Exhibition
Right: Pauric Sweeney Python Bag


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. hmm! i actually quite like the bag. silver and brown are a novel combo and also means that the bag can be paired with a lot of outfits.

  2. don’t like the bag on ebit. minus the bag i think all the women, incl. the lady in the white churidar are very well styled. for once, suzanne doesn’t look like a tart in bad heels!!

    • My thoughts exactly! I really wish designers would start making bags that do not use animal products, for those of us with a conscience.

      PnP, you should start a category on Vegan bags 😉 Just a suggestion!

  3. bag is okayish..

    suzanne need to put on some weight… and lady is in white.. have no idea.. but she does not look like khusbhoo as someone above mentioned

    • Well, I’m not P&P but I can tell you that I’m vegan, and therefore refrain from all animal products because I don’t believe in the explotation of animals. Obviously, some type of animal (in this case a python) had to be killed and skinned (and not neccesarily in that order) in order to make the bag. I’d rather not use a bag that was the direct cause of the death of a (usually poorly treated) animal. That’s just my personal choice though 😀

  4. Is it possible to buy designer bags like Balenciaga, LV, YSL, Dior, Fendi in India? I am moving back to India from US and am not very familiar with the designer bag shopping options in India.


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