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  1. Nimi at | | Reply

    this is exactly what i was commenting on before. I guess her name is Natasha. Her Balmain silk blend tweed military jacket is to DIE FOR!!

  2. a at | | Reply

    oh for the love of pie and youth those are called ripped jeans.

  3. dinks at | | Reply

    love Natashas jacket!!!

  4. mesta at | | Reply

    Love Love Love the jacket!!!
    but i don’t really mind the denims so much!
    Laila on the other hand, looks incomplete…i dunno, something’s missing!

  5. Red at | | Reply

    Natasha looks better than miss unsmily laila even though it’s not 100 percent

  6. Dear at | | Reply

    Natasha sure buys every item from any magazine!

  7. Zai at | | Reply

    Natasha looks better than laila for sure, she doesn’t have a clue how to dress.

  8. Star at | | Reply

    Laila just looks awful, anyways her face is not great why would one make it worse with those enormous glasses. Her look is terrible, those funny pants do nothing for her

  9. meria at | | Reply

    love the jacket!!

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