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  1. FashionBlends at | | Reply

    She is my favorite Fashionista and she looks great here but the fitting of the blouse seems off…….

  2. 80's girl at | | Reply

    I actually think it would have really elevated her look manifolds if she had draped the pallu over the shoulder. Dont understand the celebrities and their obsession with not draping the saree in its true natural form…smh…

  3. Amelia at | | Reply

    Whatever she’s wearing isn’t a sari, is it? More like a gown with a long drape thingy on the back. But she looks gorge. Wish she’d smile instead of that half-way-smile pout look she got.

  4. pamela at | | Reply

    Somehow, the need to always look different is jarring this time….it would show more confidence if she’d worn the sari the way it’s supposed to.

    1. Tanvi at | | Reply


  5. Genie at | | Reply

    if not draped ‘Saree’ way..why call it a Saree!?!?
    I don’t understand in the name of designer wear spoil the authenticity of an outfit.
    A saree on an Indian women supposed to bring out elegance-because its that kind of outfit.
    But here its plain ‘oh-look-at-my-blouse’ situation. come-on no one walks around like that in real life..on Indian roads!

  6. Slc at | | Reply

    I understand what she is trying to do, but I’m not convinced. Regular drape would have worked.

  7. fashionjunky at | | Reply

    Please please, someone tell her to ditch that awful hair colour ! such a lovely face, and still it gives a I-m-trying-to-be-fashionista vibe.. She does not needs it..

  8. sadaf at | | Reply

    What about practicality ? Doesnt draping the pallu on your hand restricts its movement and you have this crooked hand posture for hours ! … God these fashionistas dying to look good :p

    1. Sapphire at | | Reply

      True, plus the drape killed the elegance of saree :D

  9. dilorea at | | Reply

    Whats the problem with wearing the sari pallu the way it is meant to?

  10. Manisha at | | Reply

    Winner all the way! Rarely(almost never) does she disappoint!

  11. Rocky Mountain at | | Reply


    I would like to see her get on public transport in Delhi wearing that “creation”.
    Ooops! forgot, she goes from car to event to car! :P

  12. desibelle at | | Reply

    She should’ve draped the pallu UNDER the blouse, would’ve looked better. I like the sari + blouse combo.

  13. U at | | Reply

    PnP, you have nothing to say about the pairing of pumps with saree in her case? :P. Thought Mini Mathur looked waaaaay more elegant in saree-pumps look. This is a fab color. A normal blouse would have made this an ordinary look. This is okay.

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