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  1. Arohi at | | Reply

    Between the colour, the puffy gown and the big hair, I’m a bit overwhelmed!

  2. $ at | | Reply

    She is looking like a plastic doll !!

  3. Bongbabe at | | Reply

    Um, barbie. and not in a nice way.

    1. MT at | | Reply

      Haha, I was just logging in to say the exact same thing!

  4. Tania at | | Reply

    Seriously guys, way to be bias. If this was Priyanka or Ash, you guys would have called this garish appearance downright tacky but coz its your favorite socialite, this is (just?) underwhelming.
    She looks super tacky.

    1. envy at | | Reply

      Sooo true!

    2. Mala at | | Reply

      Yes, downright biased or bought….

  5. lulu at | | Reply

    Presenting Mattel’s latest:
    Barbie – the Bombay version.
    Limited stock so hurry!

    PS. She still looks cute, face-wise. That dress can give me visual diabetes (it’s just too candy)

  6. Ateen19 at | | Reply

    Anyone else reminded of a Barbie doll?

    1. Anu at | | Reply

      Yes! It’s a great color on her! But shame it has ended up looking too ‘costume-y’.

  7. Ranij at | | Reply

    I’m sure this fabric looked better in real than it does in pictures. Too shiny. Too pink. I like her hair and makeup.

  8. N Manuti at | | Reply

    She’s wearing Oscar de la Renta. Bad choice in front of the cameras, all too shiny!

  9. simsim at | | Reply

    A bit pageanty.

  10. slc at | | Reply

    I have to say this woman is quite attractive. She just needs a lot of help dressing up. The gown is a great color with too much volume…she should have worn a shortened version, with hemline ending at the knees. Make up and hair looks pretty good.

  11. Savvy at | | Reply

    Dress reminds me of Buddhi Ka baal…..

    1. akaa at | | Reply

      That made my day Savvy !! :)

  12. DiptiN at | | Reply

    do not care for the color of her gown, too candyish. For once she has a normal hair style, which shows her beautiful hair. The Hermes Clutch, is nice but does not go with this gown. I would really like to see her in a simple classic gown or dress and no sky high heels.

  13. tammy at | | Reply

    Super cool !

  14. Fi at | | Reply

    I like it actually!…she looks like a rich/spoiled kid on the run ;) chic!

  15. Cheril at | | Reply

    Oh my eyes!! That color!! Cant see anything past it!

  16. Mala at | | Reply

    All I can say is 00000000000 dear!
    I suppose the best dressed lists don’t read blogs!?!

  17. Teena at | | Reply

    It looks like serious attention issues…. Lets just wear a horrid magenta meringue !

  18. Marionette at | | Reply

    She looked great at the Magic bus event in a black n white Stella dress. This is too garish!

  19. Nina at | | Reply

    The dress is bad enough, that weird bag !?! Even worse.

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