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  1. $ at | | Reply

    She is wearing quite risque pieces only off late :P Dint like the hair at all plus make up is cakey….dress looks like a sheer gown over swim wear…but i like the sheer piece

  2. Akshu at | | Reply

    Is that a black swimsuit under the dress? ;) jokes aside, she looks great! I

  3. PC at | | Reply

    She rocks this look. Yes the hair is a minor gripe..But those curves more than make up of for it

  4. Ranij at | | Reply

    Hate the hair. The gown works for her though

  5. Neharika at | | Reply

    She looks lovely. Love the way she carries herself in this outfit .

  6. Mira at | | Reply

    After really going for it with the dress and lips, a retro hairstyle would have made her oddly stuck between sexy and demure and made for a shambles of a look. Or confused, at the very least! It’s better that she committed to glam-sexy.

  7. Hansini at | | Reply

    Coming in the wake of Anushka Manchanda, this dress that was intended to shock, actually looks demure and tasteful. Wish one could scrub some of that cakey, garish make-up.

  8. Jazz at | | Reply

    HOTHOTHOT!! this time she got the sheer stuff just alright!

  9. Gayatri at | | Reply

    I don’t like the dress itself to begin with.

  10. Adara at | | Reply

    She works the frick out of that gown. The hair seems fine. If she had done the retro, it would have been too Kangana-isque.

  11. Donkey at | | Reply

    This is hardly risqué.

  12. Tara at | | Reply

    Why are u not posting pictures of madhuri dixit from jhalak? Have seen her on many other websites in a mcqueen outfit&looking good. Please do weekly posts of her now that Anita is styling her.

  13. Janani at | | Reply

    The hair and makeup doesn’t work with the dress! Anushka wins the sheer round for me

  14. monika at | | Reply

    She looks so made up & uncomfortable.

  15. shab at | | Reply

    loved the heavily gelled side pouf ! perfect lip colour for a sequined black dress

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