The Pink Ladies- Part Deux


Pink sure seems to have been the color du jour! Both of these ladies looked lovely in the hue, Rani in her what I suspect is a Manish Malhotra sari and Mehr in her Tarun Tahiliani lehenga. So festive. Now I want to go get dressed up. :)


Rani Mukherjee At Shilpa And Raj’s Wedding Reception


Mehr Jessia Rampal At Shilpa And Raj’s Wedding Reception

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. yeah! the ladies looked lovely!!!
    got to see some more pics on the other sites and some of the clothes worn by few other ladies were so hideous, i laughed till i dropped!!!

  2. You’re kidding right? Both looks are so gaudy and I don’t get Rani’s black blouse with that sari. Especially the style of that blouse from what is apparent of it. Mehr’s is definitely hands down the bigger disaster of the two-I would run and hide if I was ever forced to wear that.

  3. Rani’s saree is too blingy but she looks good… She looks lovely here.
    As for Meher’s, don’t you have to follow the simple rule that you can’t wear better lehnga than the bride? Somehow reminds me of Malaika’s red lehnga in her sister’s wedding which was better than the Bride’s dull lehenga…

  4. Both of them look great. Rani is in her comfort zone : no great sari and her blouse seems oddly matched with the stupid back lining her pallu border has. But Mehr! Oh my! What a gorgeous outfit!! I sooo WANT!

    • you see the odd black strip on the edge of her pallu? I’ve seen irrelevant strips like that in all of Manish’s recent clothes. And the overall chap chiffon material of her sari…I doubt Sabyasachi would ever use a material like that.

      • OMG i thought the same thing..u see that pattern in the plate region of her saree ..those round circles…it looks like Sabya’s trademark pattern. Didn’t aish’s saree at the filmfare awards i think have the same circles near the plates and that was a Sabya..i dont know its very similar..but one thing is for sure..Sabya would never use such tacky material to make the saree..the colour, the fabric screams MM but the design itself is very similar to Sabya…and that black suit that PC was wearing way back was actually MM but everything about it was Sabya haha i think MM ran out of ideas and used sabya’s collection for “inspiration” and made an exclusive contract with all the bollywood actresses to wear only MM lolloll. okayyy im done :D

        • I thought it was Sabya’s too..because of the pattern…that to me looked like sabyasachi trade mark! I suppose MM ‘copied’ the ‘right’ of sabya.

    • I agree that it looks more like a Sabyasachi…the butta work is very similar to the Filmfare sari of Ash and the border Zari is identical to the Sabya worn by Bips at the Filmfare awards as well.

  5. I think Rani looks gorgeous. LOVE this pink color on her. Rani should continue wearing saris and not those ridiculous outfits she wore during promotions for Dil Bole Hadippa.
    I wish Mehr had done something to her hair. It doesn’t look at good with this lengha. I do like the lengha.

  6. both of them look lovely… mehr esp has taken the effort to do her hair etc which is a change from her usual dull look and wow the girl has killer abs…not bad for a 40+’er

  7. is MM trying to copy sabya’s pattern? a lot of the patterns on his suits and sarees seem somewhat inspired by Sabya.

    p.s. Mehr has some SERIOUS abs!!!! =O

  8. Mehr’s lehenga = Shamita’s sangeet outfit (anarkali)
    Why would you do that to the sister of the bride?!!! (Not that I think she did it knowingly)

  9. Mehr needs to find a middle ground between drab dark outfits and the OTT gaudy one she is wearing here. I am glad she is wearing color but this is like a 180 turn from her.
    Rani looks nice in her sari.

  10. Mehr has aged so well; remember seeing her walk the ramp, sometime in 1994-95 in New Delhi, I forget whose show it was. And she looks gorgeous in that lovely pink.

  11. Rani looks OK ..but that black blouse or whatever it is is ridiculous,,,
    Mehr looks great here ..a welcome change from her usual drab appearances.
    Mehr’s a Tarun Tahilani for sure’s similar to Katrina’s outfit some time back .. and Shamita’s sangeet outfit.
    Rani’s lokks like a cross between Sabyasach and Manish Malhotra ….. I wonder who did it..though I’d still go for MM because of the material!!

  12. Rani’s sari looks great..what is it doing being paired with the black blouse..i’m not liking her hair though…

    Mehr outfit is simply gawdy…

  13. Mehrs outfit is gorgeous, but talk about over shadowing the dhulan – if I was Shilpa I’d be mad! I wish she’d tied up her hair though it looks a bit straggly. And Ranis Sari must be a sabyasachi – didn’t Naomi Campbell wear something similar in black on the catwalk recently?

  14. both rani and mehr look much better than all the rest of the guests put together. i think karan johar and haseena jethmalani looked good as well. shilpa has a rocking bod but she still should have gone for something a bit more conservative.

  15. Rani’s sari is a definate Sabya from the bridal collection……. I have seen this at Sabyas bridal 09 launch in Aza in Bombay(yes I still cant bring myself to say Mumbai)… and i bought a lighter sari from the same collection which has a similiar black lining and blouse. I am loving it.

  16. mehr upstaged everyone (including the bride!!) she looks absolutely amazing here! the only thing missing is her arm candy :P
    rani is looking great too, very nice sari

  17. Hi ladies, need your help!! where can i get a similar slim belly chain like Mehr’s?? I love the way it makes the poofyness of the dupatta more form fitting! Im from the US and am going to india in 2 weeks, any ideas where i can find this?? I have some designer lengha stashed away as a gift for my 16th bday(that was 9 yrs ago!) that i’ve never worn but would love to for my wedding reception and im thinking a bellychain worn in a similar way would be a perfect accessory. Thanks ladies!!

  18. guys, Ranis sari is exactly the same to one i own, and its DEFINITELY a sabyasachi..please correct this post!!!dont want the world thinking my sabya creation is actually a manish malhotra(shudder)..thanks.. :D

  19. Both of them look beautiful…Rani hasn’t looked this good in a looooong time. Mehr looks great in color…I think she wears the outfit very well.


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