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  1. Pitu at | | Reply

    Ugh… this is one trend I am gonna stay far,far away from! :-/

  2. Rashmi at | | Reply

    A BIG HEARTFELT CONGRATULATIONS dear Payal and Priyanka. you gals rock!! thank you for creating this new home. It looks really cool.


  3. Sweetie at | | Reply

    M sorta vertically challenged n flat hehe i doubt a maxi dress wld flatter me

  4. Never Mind at | | Reply

    Wats with Perizaad? The dress somehow makes her upper half look humongous!

  5. Dru at | | Reply

    I love the trend and most def i’ll be rocking this :)

  6. Ritu at | | Reply

    I don’t think I am going to be in one of these – I look at my mom’s pics from the 60s and I still don’t like the maxis.

  7. sherry at | | Reply

    love it! i even went and got myself a couple of them in real beautiful designs and colors. plus, i loved the carefree, easy-going, yet so-feminine feel it gave me.

  8. woot at | | Reply

    u guys forget to mention that they’re great for all body types…but u still gotta be tall! lol i’m like 5’5′ or 5’4′. not sure.

  9. meria at | | Reply

    i luv d beautiful miley cirus

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