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  1. Viola at | | Reply

    Quite like Nethra’s look. You could call it artsy floral. ;-) Nice and sedate, although it could border on boring if you keep looking at it!

  2. tan at | | Reply

    love Nethra’s look the most, minus the shoes offcourse

  3. Tingatipto at | | Reply

    Pooja Bedi is wearing the Evan Picone Dress, Sleeveless Floral Ruffled Neckline. Currently on Sale at Macys for $54.99

  4. priya at | | Reply

    manjari is in Zara TRF and nethras shoes are oh so yuck!

  5. Aathira at | | Reply

    I really do like Nethra’s dress .. maybe a diff pair of footwear would have helped.. but the dress is nice.. as per me

  6. Ramya at | | Reply

    I like Nethra’s look the best actually. Though yes, she could have used better shoes.

  7. njk at | | Reply

    Well Netra’s shoes are not yuck …just not right for this dress! It’s more formal ! I also like Netra’slook the most…just little less this shoes with this casual dress. Puja’s dress looks the worse!

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