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  1. tab at | | Reply

    HOW Beautiful SHE IS !!!

    1. Anon at | | Reply

      She’s incredibly stunning. But I’m kinda worried about the number of non-Desi actresses and models in Bollywood. I hate saying it because it sounds racist. But that’s not my intent at all. I just think it shows the state of our self-esteem as a country and I think it sends the wrong message. Because the beauty ideals are becoming further and further from what would be considered typical Indian features. I mean it already was but now it’s even more extreme. I also hate that it’s so gendered. You rarely see non-Desi men in the media. It’s almost like saying it’s ok for the men to look Indian but not the women. It’s really worrying. My problem isn’t with the actual women of course, just the executives that make these decisions.

      ANYHOO lol, since this is a fashion blog, I think she looks absolutely stunning. I prefer the second look more than the first. The first isn’t bad but it just looks more amateurish compared to the second. Especially with the boring shoes.

      1. Avani at | | Reply

        As long as fair-white skin is what Indians look for(going by the highest number of fairness creams in the world), it is not going to change anytime soon of getting non-desi folks. Of course Men can look dark skinned. :P

  2. sheni at | | Reply

    well said +1

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