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    Wow! All I can see is an Indian Charlize Theron.

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    No harm experimenting, but if it goes wrong … yah .. it goes wrong. LOL. Fashion awards should technically verge on mad-hatter eclecticism, and too bad they’re being treated as a major film awards night. I don’t see bollywood yet at that stage where people have loud and obvious style statements … everybody is rather safe. Sameera is one of those rare ones who apparently understands that (can’t let this sentence keep running without mentioning sonam), unfortunately risks don’t always pay off. anyhow. manasi looks good.

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    I think the dress looks edgy on the runway but on Mansi, the bustline and the hip detail are not flattering. That together with the hair and make up are ideal for a vixen.

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    The gown looks awkward around the hips, but she still manages to look pretty hot.

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    Looks creepy crawly to me

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