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  1. RS at | | Reply

    After Kalki’s fab appearance, do we have to be subjected to this?

  2. Kiwi at | | Reply

    She needs help big time.. Iwill be happy to style her.. how can she go so.. wrong????

  3. Mel at | | Reply

    its a funny looking dress!

  4. iamcelebrity at | | Reply

    i think this is what too much money and no taste does to you

  5. mruna at | | Reply

    I think its a trial run for Halloween…! and why is she carrying two clutches?!

  6. kasthuri at | | Reply

    ok thats a total WTHeyyy.
    But i am getting confused with all the malaika , mallika and now this third one ??!! I am not even going to bother to know who she is…

    1. HK at | | Reply

      She’s Zayed Khan’s wife

  7. dn at | | Reply

    Knew this would be a Wthey as soon as I saw the premiere pictures. There were many more though like a body suit kind of dress. Sush looked horrible as well :(

  8. manny at | | Reply

    Holy Crap………what’s wrong with Indian celeb’s….

  9. Belle at | | Reply

    LOL! Looks like Malaika Arora-Khan took the entire style quota that God associated with all the Malaikas in this world ;) :P

    1. RC at | | Reply


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