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  1. Hotmama at | | Reply

    What a BEAUTIFUL pair…..!! I don’t think, I can ever spend ‘SOOOO much money’ on a pair of shoe…but just looking at this one…..GAWD….my saliva is still dropping…. :(

  2. Ritu at | | Reply

    This pair is truly beautiful but the heel is sooo high. Waiting for it in medium heel for the fall collection. The other pair she has is terrible.

  3. Adit at | | Reply

    I think Mallu must own about 200 pairs, I have seen her collection, she has a full cupboard only for her shoes lucky girl

  4. Surbhi at | | Reply

    200 pairs!?! Adit, where does she get the money from?

  5. iceprincess at | | Reply

    Hi P&P,can you please tell me where I can buy these shoes…

  6. pdaervo at | | Reply


  7. mia at | | Reply

    these are some gorgeous shoes. i’d also wait till they come out in a smaller heel.

    @adit, how come you are so well connected?? : )

  8. Adit at | | Reply

    He he…..Oh by the way Surbhi, some women love clothes and shoes , Mallu worships shoes…and very savvy business woman, is one of the best negotiaters in the business, I know I was at the recieving end of it once.

  9. Dahlia Noir at | | Reply

    Are you sure they’re Louboutin ? Because I saw the same ones in a Newlook store, available for 30 euros ( 20 pounds).

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