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    I see what you are saying about this not being her style, but I really love the fact that she’s mixing it up. Since she’s representing the movie as it’s producer, I feel that she’s wearing looks that are more understated and for the most part, making it work!

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    She looks nice, yes. But she’s taking the “dress classy” thing way too seriously with this outfit, right into old-lady territory.

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    She’s looking nice and I appreciate the change in her wardrobe, but it’s a NOT QUITE for me. The shape of the skirt is all wrong…it’s neither pencil nor A-line, which is creating a rather unflattering silhouette! Also, instead of the crisp white cotton shirt, she could have opted for an off-white silk shirt or a forest green one for more punch.

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    Loving the appropriate and modest clothes she’s been wearing. She should continue dressing like this!

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