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  1. sree at | | Reply

    The first three rows are seriously WTF and WTHeyyy. If this is the new crop of talent discovered, then I really fear for the fashion industry.

  2. vini at | | Reply

    I wonder where anyone would wear these designs other than on the ramp, especially the first three rows and few in the rest of them.

    1. Maya at | | Reply

      Trick or treating of course! :)

  3. soni at | | Reply

    3rd row 2nd and 4th dress. Beautiful colors and prints ruined by nonsensical silhouettes !

  4. $ at | | Reply

    What exactly is that third dress in “kristy de cunha” collection?!?

  5. Karthik Krishnaswamy at | | Reply

    i was lucky enuff to get a chance to watch the show live and my pick of the lot was Arunima Majhi…her dresses were really fab with those really artistic designs and vibrant colors …I would love to get a nice sherwani designed by her

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