In Satya Paul

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The launch of a Bollywood TV channel in Malaysia had Kajol in attendance looking graceful in a Satya Paul sari. Instead of a customary red, yellow Manish Arora for Amrapali cuffs brightened up this black and white look.

She looked great!

You can buy both Satya Paul and Manish Arora for Amrapali at Pernia’s Pop Up Shop here.


Kajol at a Channel Launch in Malaysia

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  1. Lovely look.
    I have no idea why sleeveless would not be looking lovely on her. We are so scared of seeing a little more than conventional flesh on anyone on any body part. And may be that’s why we feel ashamed of looking at the mirror most of the time. People need to love their body for each of their body parts, each mole , each strand of hair.
    Disgusting comments like this dress is not for this body type is created only by severe conditioning and popular cultural references.
    Get over it.
    Else, go back to medieval times and roam around in Victorian Gowns.

  2. I think she looks lovely. What I don’t understand are the comments saying the sleeveless looks bad on her. There were similar comments on a prev Madhuri post where she was wearing sleeveless. So women who have bigger/flabbier arms should not wear sleeveless at all. I am sure the same ppl had come forward to applaud Huma Qureshi’s mag cover about her body and were against body shaming. Unless we change our own thinking, there is no way to end the trend of body shaming. Women, pls lets get over our own prejudices and be more welcoming to different body types.


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