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  1. Aathira at | | Reply

    Love the colour tone!

  2. Niki at | | Reply

    This is a kickass collection would love to own that pink kaftan! Orange skirt, ivory into orange lehenga and that saree ! Instant love!

  3. meena at | | Reply

    beautiful colour pallette , loving these outfits , i want some now! i think Nishka has def matured in her work, this collection is just GORGEOUS

  4. mehraca at | | Reply

    i just love the outfit in the second row second from the left.

  5. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    Agree totally about the Kalamkari bit!! How refreshingly nice to see them on runway designs!

  6. shilpa at | | Reply

    wow!!! love love love ! stunningg outfits! kudos

  7. Nitasha at | | Reply

    OMG! Someone ‘designed’these gypsy tents??? Indian designers are so multifaceted!

  8. pearl at | | Reply

    A note so great version inspired Malini Ramani..

  9. Jay at | | Reply

    2nd pic in 2nd row – the lengha part is giving me a nandini in HDDCS flashback…x

  10. natasha amyn at | | Reply

    i think nishka makes the best clothes…. nishka ur a total rockstar

  11. dawn at | | Reply

    tacky is the word….

  12. lazyU at | | Reply

    Ah, now I understand the Barbie meets Village Girl look from the Gitanjali Beti look *nods*

    But the colours look fun

  13. A_rarity at | | Reply

    Yawn. Nothing that can’t already be found in Qarol Bagh. But yes, tackiness indeed runs in the family.

  14. Rezia at | | Reply

    I usually don’t like most collections by Indian designers because they’re so repetetive, but these clothes are actually nice. The shapes and colours are new and innovative.
    And it’s such a young look! I love it.

  15. angl at | | Reply

    indian designers really need to start comin up with somethin new. i feel like i am seeing slightly altered versions of the same designs with each runway show.

  16. SS at | | Reply

    Different and bordering on tacky.

  17. monika at | | Reply

    I love all the outfits in the 2nd row , especially the cholis :)

  18. Sunshine at | | Reply

    Gorgeous gorgeous super super gorgeous

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  21. bongbabe at | | Reply

    tacky. ugh. and now the bollywood bhabis are going to be wearing these fugly clothes.

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