1. I really like her pose and her expression (she looks like a Grecian painting or something), but something is really off with the lighting. Not her fault though. She looks majestic.

  2. A very classy cover.I believe she has put the rest of the bollywood brigade to shame with this classy cover.Lovely facecut and all the beauty bones shown to perfection.Well Done!10/10 to the stylist ,makeup person and photographer-excellent lighting.

  3. for some reason, i think that the high contrast they used for her isn’t working w/ the blue they used for the grazia lettering… i really think thats whats throwing the cover off

  4. This is not a good picture of Lara. Her neck and shoulders look terrible and one boob is higher than the next – terrible photoshopping.

    Why can’t they use realistic pictures? She is a beautiful girl without the photo editing.

  5. WOW! Lara looks fantastic…the colour and the hairstyle is gorgeous on her. The blue font is all wrong though…too jarring and used just to complement the shoe colors.

  6. I heart this
    there is nothing more glamourous (to me) than old Hollywood (and even Bollywood)
    that whole 30’s 40’s 50’s feel
    she looks like a mix between Grace Kelly and Greta Garbo (the lighting I think)
    except Desi :)

  7. I loved your comment, pdaervo, particularly the reference to Greta Garbo, since I heart her…but I agree it does look like its from that era…
    All in all, a great cover.

  8. since when expermental pics find their way out on covers, the light the shadow the pose the color the look the angel all is wrong with this pic,


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