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  1. Bsimple at | | Reply

    hehe…p & p, i was wondering why u didn’t feature Shahid from this event till now…anyhoo, I see what ur saying with Saif with his rugged look would be better suited ..but I think mayb shahid shud have teemed this with a leather jacket to achieve a similar effect? wot say?

  2. Rajini at | | Reply

    It’s a nice T shirt but look too feminine on him

  3. saya at | | Reply

    awww…but he is just YUMM! ;)

  4. spee at | | Reply

    Funny…I usually find him too feminine, but here not so much. Maybe its his new hairstyle.

  5. nosh at | | Reply

    The butterflies are a bit much but I think he looks good! His new hairdo and the facial hair look good on him! I usually want to pinch his cheeks but he is looking more grown up now ;)

  6. Surbhi at | | Reply

    i somehow dont like that beard which is threatening to grow.. nope.. but the tshirt is cute – dont know if its a boy worthy tshirt to be frank..but I like SK, tho i dont like his looks, so chalta hai..

  7. Rashmi at | | Reply

    boy is he trying to follow kareena’s footsies by losing so much weight? he looks very thin. i don’t like his hairstyle either.

  8. ALISHA at | | Reply

    oh…come on! definitely not WTHeyyy!!! he looks way too cute in that. and saif is looking just a wee bit too ehem ehem ‘old’ nowadays… but am a fan of both these kareena-loves….

  9. nj at | | Reply

    awww..he is so cute that the occassional fashion faux pas can be ignored in his case :)

  10. ila at | | Reply

    i like the t shirt. at least it’s something different and he’s managed to carry it off. he looks yummy.

  11. sarah at | | Reply

    I love him there, finally turning into a gorgeous man…I am not fond of ‘too much happening’ T-shirts but it looks not too bad, Shahid seems to carry it fine.That’s another thing that I am in love with him since JWM??
    Not sure if it would be good on Saif, I would think that T-shirt might be too young for Saif. Saif’s good with what he wears normally.

  12. Candy at | | Reply

    Thanks for posting pics of my future husband!

  13. GW at | | Reply

    He looks so cute, who cares what he wears ! I go coochie coo each time I see him ! Reminds me of little Rayyan ( my 3 year old) and Johny Depp combined ! Ya Ok, so what !

  14. amnA- at | | Reply

    u are soo RIGHT hhc.. the butterflies make me wanna throw up! i think he should go for a much more rugged look to balance the oh so cute vibes he gives out..

  15. Nadia at | | Reply

    No grown man should wear a t-shirt spackled with glitter and butterflies. Moreover this style does not suit Shahid’s new look (slight beard, new hair cut). The only people perfect for this t-shirt are Sara and Ibrahim (Saif’s kids).

  16. malini at | | Reply

    Shahid is SUCH a cutie.. so happy he is no longer with what her face.. hehehehe

  17. Never Mind at | | Reply

    I like the look Shahid is trying here to get rid of his boyish looks. The unshaven beard is definitely helping but needs more to make this look work.

  18. HK at | | Reply

    I was wondering why only Vidya was picked on…I think this t-shirt is too feminine for him, or any other guy for that matter!

  19. ila at | | Reply


    you’re going to have to fight me for him : )

  20. sb at | | Reply

    thank god he lost some weight…all those protein shakes and testosterone pills were making him too buff and sumo wrestler type…however i still don’t understand why he wears so much makeup..okay whatever forget the makeup, the guy is cute and so is his shirt…hehe wonder if vidya lent it to him

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