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    You should post Ms Kaif’s airport look which she was spotted in a bizarre shirt.. I almost fainted in horror when I saw her in another site ;)

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    has she inserted a cardboard inside her dress bust area.. :o :o

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      such a wallflower this one!

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    I don’t know why you guys are harsh on her. I’m not a fan of her’s. Particularly her acting however I feel she keeps it real and dresses in what she finds comfortable instead of wearing things considered fashionable and in turn take away from a look of ease, comfort, naturalness.

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    I get the feeling she just doesn’t like to dress up. Which is fine :)

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    3rd pic,its like she’s listening to your comments…………say wat now!!!!

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    Katrina ALWAYS remind me of a (very beautiful) secretary/PA.

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      lol agree

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