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  1. Saphire at | | Reply

    Gorgeous! Nice color.

  2. Avani at | | Reply

    Like always the epitome of class, style & elegance. What a beauty!

  3. sree at | | Reply

    I love this! She’s always so classy and well put together. She really needs to style many of the Bollywood and Tollywood/Kollywood actresses.

  4. 80's girl at | | Reply

    That outfit could be easily overwhelming on someone else…but on Karishma it looks fantastic…

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  5. Shereen at | | Reply

    How does she manage to look so classy every time

  6. Moni Pal at | | Reply

    Karishma is a class and elegance personified! On a personal front, I am always on fence with such ott embroidered outfits! On one hand I appreciate the work on fabric but on the very other hand I feel too much of work completely hides the colour of the fabric, making the outfit appear in just one colour tone i.e, the colour of the embroidery (specially if seen from a distance). This happens lot more when fabric is of light/pastel colour, like in this case.

  7. Dynamite at | | Reply

    She always Slay. The only one who always dresses so elegantly…she can pull of any and everything.

  8. monika at | | Reply

    Almost a ditto of what Katrina wore at the Priyadarshani Awards….but she looks so much more elegant

  9. Fergie at | | Reply

    The clutch with the outfit is a bit OTT. Something simpler would have looked more balanced.

  10. from-chitown at | | Reply

    She looks great – but what is it with these ornate floor length anarkalis ? Why so OTT? Don’t like this Sabya outfit at all.

  11. Ik at | | Reply

    She looks like pure royalty!!

  12. Pinky20 at | | Reply

    I didn’t like similar darker sabyasachi anarkali Katrina wore. The embroidery was more visible and jarring and it looked like tapestry. But on this beautiful pale green it look fabulous. She’s so inherently calm and graceful that it looks like she’s floating though the outfit isn’t light or fluid at all. Love the clutch.

  13. Ritika at | | Reply

    I agree she looks classy and is carrying the anarkali well but but but…am I the only one who feels she looks the same all the time despite being dressed in different kind of clothes? Maybe I am. She wears great clothes and is styled impeccably but her over all looks don’t blow my mind. I wonder why? I am sure I’m in the minority here

  14. D at | | Reply

    This is how you wear a floor-length anarkali! Karisma brings her signature style and natural grace and elegance to it. Whereas, on Katrina it just fell flat.

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