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  1. Myla at | | Reply

    This really should be filed under the WTHey tab. What IS it?

  2. Tammy at | | Reply

    Karisma looks good ! It is a different look and she’s added the black in very subtly ! Her recent tarun look also was great >>>

  3. sini at | | Reply

    seriously wat is that????

  4. monika at | | Reply

    I think she looks great…the outfit is not great …but she carries it off so well. Love the blue & black combination!

    1. Prep-y at | | Reply


  5. Chaitali Shah at | | Reply

    That is ravishing..! The colour sure compliments her & yeaahh, she’s like back with a bang

  6. Hsap at | | Reply

    My my, this look like a final product after cutting and pasting pictures of Karisma wearing three different outfits

    1. fashionvictim at | | Reply

      ha ha loved your comment

  7. disillusioned in dc at | | Reply

    just anything gets passed off for a designer outfit these days, huh? what kind of rubbish is that ?

  8. khushi at | | Reply

    OH GOD! If she wanted to try something new , there are lot of options other thn this! This dress is plain ugly! That being said, Color looks good on her. Hats off to her for carrying this dress with such ease and confidence!

  9. Gita at | | Reply

    Unexpected color that’s good on her. Beyond that this looks like a very bad attempt of trying to make an Indian looking modern outfit. I mean It looks like a clown outfit! Add a rainbow wig and red nose!

  10. Priya at | | Reply

    Karisma looks chic ! It’s a new vibe and I like it! She carries it off with a lot of style

  11. AA at | | Reply

    Nancy Drew and the case of the dress that didn’t know what it wanted to be!

  12. KS at | | Reply

    Lolo makes it work. But outfit is terrible. Designer should realize not everything that is asymmetrical and mixed matched randomly becomes fashionable.

  13. yubba_dubba at | | Reply

    she’s totally in costume for the filming of “main majnoo majnoo chillaongi kurta phad ke.”

  14. Deepa at | | Reply

    She could have featured herself on Comedy nights with her mouth zipped, this disaster of a designer dress would have served as the joke of the night and would have had all the people guffawing incessantly.

  15. sahana at | | Reply

    Lol…this is a big joke…ill fitting legging ill fitting top or blouse (donno) and something slipping down from inside , she is not even carrying it off well ….disaster!!

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