Kareena In Marie Claire India: Decoded


While most of you didn’t care much for the cover(see here), we quite loved Ms. Kapoor in this Pre-Fall Dior dress. Nearly just as much as the softer version inside in another Dior floral dress. Which do you prefer?

Thanks to ‘Latha’ from Marie Claire India for sharing the spread with us.


Christian Dior, Pre-Fall 2009


Christian Dior, Pre-Fall 2009


Photo Credit: Marie Claire India


  1. Gosh, what in heavens have they done to the hair in the first one, eeeks! Hideous-am sorry to use that word, but my first reaction was who is that ghoul? Second one is okay-ish; 3rd not so flattering again :(

  2. I loved the cover, and I love the second picture too. The close up with the neccklace is slightly awkward, though, albeit in a cute way.

  3. Liked the Floral dior dress but i do not think there was a need for the bracelets and the necklace …it appeared too too busy …. hmmm

    • I guess as Indians it is probably in our DNA to overdo things :D ….
      i guess the stylists kept adding on thinking that more is the new look :D :D :D

  4. The other two pics are much better as she looks more like herself, the cover looks like something angelina jolie would do.

    Loving the 3rd close up pic, her eyes look so soft and beautiful.

  5. Wow at the last one. Horrid is the first word to come to mind. They’ve managed to age her 10-15 years in that one and not in a flattering manner at all.

  6. she looks fierce on the cover and in the flowery dress. i don’t like her look in the pic with the chunky ruby or rubelite necklace as she looks a bit fake and wierdly enough, i feel like she looks a bit like a young sharmila tagore in this pic.

  7. The Dior dress looks interesting but Kareena’s expressions & postures in each of the pics looks very artificial & contrived!!! Also, the make up in the third pic looks pretty grainy…

  8. I like her softer looks and they make for a good change because she looks great when she wears minmal makeup or something that is not too overwhelming on her. I love the necklace paired with the second outfit.

  9. I think the second outfit looks ‘fine’ on the model, but too fussy on kareena- especially with the gloves, necklace, hair… its just too much.
    and overall i really think both the outfits are really nothing outstanding….

  10. very bad styling, hair and make up on the cover are not complementary to the outfit. I do like the dress. I also like the dress in the second photo, but too many accessories. the last photo is photoshopped, looks terrible, her cheekbones look strange. she has beautiful eyes. nose looks strange, I have seen her and her nose does not look like this.


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