1. I for one don’t mind the sash detail at all..she looks super and the dress is perfect for us..gives her a very statuesque appeal..

  2. Her n chitrangada r the only ones who look great in red. u gotta have that strong bone structure n they both are blessed with it. PS: she looks drop dead GORG. in the stardust cover!

  3. This woman brings a character to whatever she wears. Thats why even when something is ordinarily good, its out of the ballpark, and when its bad, its horrible! But this one-stunning!!! Bebo looks Red Hot fo sho!

  4. Her face is so amazingly beautiful with her flawless complexion that whatever she wears becomes secondary. I love that fact that she has kept her make up simple and her accessories just right. This is one of her best looks till date.


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