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Two beautiful women with two very different styles wore saris to their respective events. For Vidya, it was a Sabyasachi and for Kareena, a fresh off-the-runway Masaba which she paired with Amrapali jewelry.

Though Vidya stayed true to her designer-of-choice, Kareena changed it up by giving us an appearance in a non-MM sari. Quite the shocker! Can’t complain though, the actress looked absolutely gorgeous (even if the styling was reminiscent of a certain other Ms. Kapoor). Fab!

Left: Kareena Kapoor At India Today Conclave 2012
Right: Vidya Balan FICCI Frames Awards 2012

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Twitter


  1. LOVE Kareena’s look. Yep, the styling is pretty similar to Sonam’s recent Anamika Khanna appearance (they do have the same stylist, and Tanya Ghavri seems to have some pretty definite tastes), but it’s distinct enough not to evoke too much deja vu. Vidya looks sweet as usual.

    • and no u don’t remind me of any other Mr Kapoor, as the Ms Kapoor would have crowded her look by wearing afew too many accessories and overdone her face with makeup

  2. Vidya Balan is beautiful especially in her signature Sabyaschi saris, but Kareena Kapoor KILLED it in this quirkily beautiful Masaba Gupta sari!! And YA! I loved her non-Manish Malhotra sighting, infact that’s the first thing that came to my mind when i saw her :D

  3. I understand that Vidya represents Indian beauty and has her own style but frankly speaking, I am bored of this Sabya-Sari look – it’s like an overdose!

  4. Looks like everyone’s using Tanya Ghavri now and rather than developing a unique look individual to the particular celeb, they’re all morphing into one…

  5. I can’t believe you said that! Anything good always has to have sonam involved! She has a stylist and to be honest-sonam reminds me of my girlfriends… Who style themselves.
    Kareena looks fab and kudos to stylist! (This sonam fetish has to calm down!)
    Also vidya looks great-such gorgeous confidence on her face these days!x

  6. Without a second thought, Fabulous!! A change in stylist can do wonders. That yellow and pink is radiant against her skin.

    Saying these I feel that necklace could have been avoided, the blouse already had a beautiful neckline.

  7. I generally like it when Vidya drapes her pallu in this half up style(very-fab-India-classy), but here it just looks frumpy. I wish she would be as daring in her sartorial choices as she is while choosing scripts. I dont mean she should change her own style or go out of her comfort zone, but still some variety would be nice.

    Kareena looks royally amazing. This is how you do sari Miss S Kapoor. Did’t mean to drag her or compare , but since you guys have already, I think Kareena’s look shows what all have been missing from Sonam’s sari looks, She chooses good one, but ruins them with sloppy drape or over accesorising sometimes. Kareena owns this look while Sonam usually looks like wearing her Mom”s sari {though nothing bad in that as i do it all the time:)}
    BTW PnP why these two in single post. You know there’s going to be long comments and debates, just like mine :)
    Kareena kapoor, being compared with Sonam kapoor, with Vidya balan in Sabyasachi again….Get ready for lots of comments filled with Fashioninsta-MM-Aunty look-Brown lipstick-boring-curves-Indian woman-stylists-hate-love-sonam :)

  8. though the colors on kareenas saree r pretty & suit kareena but dont like the saree much or the way it is styled.

    as for vidhya nice earrings, but boring saree.

  9. OMG!!! Kareena looks fab !!! So fresh and a complete shocker :)) love this super like!!!!!
    On the other hand – Hate Vidya this commom look seems like she is buying similar sabyasachi’s saree and blouse in different colours and wears them to awards functions:((( And especially this color yucks hating it, I mean wats in that saree? not even its color or material or no design just the brand name sabya??? I am sure most be costing a lot but seriously wats in it?

  10. Kareena looooks fab! love it love it :D
    For Vidya – no go. Hate to see the same look over and over again. Change it woman..

  11. I think Kareena looks gorgeous. Love the saree, blous and jewellery. Vidya looks her usual boring self and the make-up isn’t doing her any favors either.

  12. Wow what a fab look for kareena, such a change from her usual chamak sarees, the blouse the neckpiece it all looks stylish on her. I’m really liking these masaba sarees, does anyone know where u can pick them up from in hyderabad? Vidya looks pretty in her saree too, two very different but lovely looks. Just shows how versatile the saree is.

  13. This is what happens when all the B-town ladies share two stylists between them. The concept of a celebrity ‘stylist’ in Bollywood is a joke! Instead of working with their clients and picking custom looks they seem to be doing exact opposite i.e. giving us mass produced looks! It makes no sense at all. Very curious as to how these so called stylists get celebrity clients given how lousy they are.

    • Um, if you go back to the early 2000s, all of Rachel Zoe’s clients too, for instance, looked the same. The more stylists there are, the more distinct the looks will get. Give it time.

  14. Congos to Kareena for not wearing another boring MM. Hope she wears more Masabas, Ritu Kumars and Sabyasachis… Vidya is too good … each and every Sabya she wears are gorgeous and love how she changes her make up and accessories with every appearance … love her earrings and the shade of lipstick that she wears here

  15. If I had to guess based on just the outfit, I would have thought it’s Sonam Kapoor. I’m assuming they share a stylist (?)

  16. Kareena looks splendid! She makes even a Masaba sari look good. and whats designer about the sari anyways.. a plain sari with a border..?? Vidya..same ol’-same ol’ bhenji look..

  17. I think the toughest challenge for a stylist is to style a client while staying true to the client’s own style.
    In the case of Ms Ghavri, I feel like barring Sonam (who as either the foremost client/friend or just as someone who enjoys fashion, will push the envelope) all her clients (Kareena, Asin, Jackie etc) are beginning to look the same, right down to the hairstyle.
    While maybe Ms Ghavri thinks this is creating a ‘signature’ look, for me, it feels more like she’s forcing her own aesthetic onto her clients, regardless of their personal style.
    Its hard for me to imagine that a South Indian actress, Sri Lankan beauty queen and Punjabi actress necessarily share the exact same style quotient otherwise.

    • Further, it always appears that Sonam has done a certain look earlier, contributing to the comparisons.
      All said and done, Kareena looks absolutely amazing, the colours and the lack of glazed tissue is working!

  18. Saw some more pics of Kareena and she looks gorgeous! Love the saree and the necklace. She is positively glowing.

    Please stop featuring Vidya just because she is in a Sabya at every event. Or just do a weekly update on her with all her Sabya looks. That’s more than enough.

  19. Kareena seems to be preparing to look more like a “Begum”. She looks lovely! My only gripe though would be her hair, which looks too casual for such an elegant look.

  20. Kareena looks gorgeous, love this look on her. Looks much better than Sonam in any of her sari avatars!

    I love Vidya & her Sabyasachis but I am SO BORED of them, she has reached the too much of a good thing level.

  21. Kareena’s saree is just awful, as is the dhe color! Make her look so old! Tho Vidya looks better, the color is so meh!

  22. Why oh why are people going gaga over Masaba
    The saree looks like a badly done crafts project. The stitches bunch up and show and the border looksmore like a Saree fall stitched on the reverse side. Ver very bad ooking

    her ideas may be good, but the overall look falls flat.
    Not at all drool worthy.

    • “Saree fall stitched on the reverse side” you nailed it there!! I knew it reminded me of something that I just couldn’t remember. Now I do.

      • I agree..Masaba clothes always lack “finishing” /badly tailored …while I like her style quotient and what she does with sarees …her finishing alwys looks like “a college kid with great style hurriedly patched up left over cloth pieces lying in the house “….
        she really needs a good person handling her QC deptt (quality control)

  23. I’m sorry but as lovely as Kareena looks, this Masaba sari is just really unsightly. Plastic-y yellow and pink border?! Has a very bai vibe! There, I said it.

    • Masaba has said time and again that her biggest inspiration is her ‘bai’, the whole kitschy mismatched put together lppk. So there you go…
      That apart, this may be the best i’ve ever seen Kareena look.

  24. Kit-kat break banta hai….. Give us a break from vidya in sabya…. Its sooooo predictable!…… N whats soooo grt abt this saree in the first place….kareena has a pretty face n she looks pretty in anything. Though its a relief seeing her in something other than those OTT manish malhotra sarees!!!

  25. OMG- I am not sure WHY people are going gaga over kareena in this look… while a stylist can pick out a look you have to “own” it which IMHO she DOES NOT!! I looks like she is just trying to emulate a younger fashionista (Sonam), but don’t have the personality to carry of the stye with similar aplomb!! looks like Kareena is beginning to feel threatened by the younger lot & is just trying too hard!! Agree with the “fall stitched on the reverse side”. She should stick with more classy looks as it doesn’t look like she is cut out for avant-garde styling.

  26. I don’t like Vidya in this one. At all. How could Sabya design a sari like this? Sabya, of all!? It looks like she is from the military or something!


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