In Stella McCartney


Wearing a Stella McCartney shirt and black cropped pants, Kangna attended the recent movie screening. Red strappy sandals and a Gucci bag were her accessories of choice. Love the look, head-to-toe; she looked good!

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Kangna Ranaut At Gori Tere Pyaar Mein Screening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Sometimes i really wonder how much these guys spend on their one outing?? i mean almost 60k for a shirt…that too for just a movie screening :O

  2. She rocks it of couse, but with the addition of the bag, isn´t she a bit overdressed for the screening of someone else´s movie? A perfect example of how Kareena should have werked this screening imho.

      • Overdressed as in very expensive looking (silky top + expensive bag & chic hair…). Of course it´s not over the top like Sonam was, but if you compare it to Sonali, Kiran & the others, it feels really dressed up even if it shouldn´t feel that way .
        As i said before, i love it. Maybe the others should have stepped up their game a little more, if it makes any sense.


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