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  1. Iris at | | Reply

    by keeping the rest of the look simple, i think she pulls it off.

  2. Soho at | | Reply

    She looks fabulous and I dont mind the shoes but i certainly mind that pout though !!!

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      ditto…wish the dress was a one-2 inches longer !

  3. Niche at | | Reply

    Ankle up: effing gorgeous

  4. Summer at | | Reply

    The look screams “It’s Spring”!!

    Love the chirpy look except for the pout. She should smile more often..

  5. diptiN at | | Reply

    I like the dress, but on her it looks terrible. I especially hate the pink pumps. Who wears a summer floral dress with pumps?

  6. RS at | | Reply

    She looks simply great!

  7. annie at | | Reply

    The only good thing about the look is the shoes. I’m sure most people are liking it because of the brand name.. looks like a sack to me.

    1. envy at | | Reply

      I totally agree…I was wondering who would spend money on buying this dress???

  8. tipsyturvy at | | Reply

    nice! all of it!

  9. Neha at | | Reply

    She looks fresh. Love the confidence. Workkkk.

  10. Amber at | | Reply

    Get rid of that a-bomb-just-exploded-hair and that weird, annoying pout and she will look so much more appealing.

    1. Madhu at | | Reply

      Nope, I don’t agree with your hair comment at all – I think it’s fantastic that naturally frizzy hair can be worn just the way it is in public and STILL manage to look great.

      I’m sick of all the false straight hairdo’s or the super curly fake ones for that matter. Flaunt the au natural look for once already! And Kangna is just rocking the hairdo (or the lack of).

      1. Amber at | | Reply

        It’s not about showing off your natural hair but rather a cut or style that actually suits you. Yay for frizzy, natural hair but in my opinion, she can look much prettier with even a simple blow dry compared to this.

        1. rvc at | | Reply

          I have to agree with Madhu – I hate processed hair and Kangna’s natural hair is sexy. She looks absolutely fantastic and time and again I’m fascinated by how this small-town girl has such sophisticated, clean, minimalistic and modern taste while Miss Worlds (one of whom constantly flaunts her education) are still stuck in the ’90’s with short, tight dresses, tacky extensions and clown makeup. Just goes to show how personal a sense of style is and how much of an influence ‘exposure’ is.
          As for this particular appearance, I absolutely love the neon pink with the florals but I think the dress is too big for her.

      2. kasthuri at | | Reply

        Is thr a difference for you between “naturally frizzy hair” and unkept or unhealthy or processed hair ?

    2. Ratna at | | Reply

      I think this is one of her better hair days and she did get a blow dry, bacause she normally has jerry curls. Here hair looks less curly.

  11. Surekha at | | Reply

    I think i like everything about the look except the pout..

  12. Zee at | | Reply

    I have a similar style dress which I bought from target on sale two years ago for $15 ;-)

  13. ariel001 at | | Reply

    I think this look is fabulous! Kangana is one that’s never boring!

  14. kumar at | | Reply


  15. scribble at | | Reply

    love.head to toe!

  16. viz at | | Reply

    Loving those bright pumps with the dress..Kangana looks great. My only gripe – that greasy makeup!! Thats her downfall most times..I just saw Tanu weds Manu and her face looks so fresh..I hope she does away with the grease next time

  17. D at | | Reply

    fabulous… as is! muy bonita !

  18. shopaholic at | | Reply

    i dont like the dress cos of the brand name….i like it cos it screams spring n looks fab on her..the shoes are fab too n she pulls it off…

  19. sachita at | | Reply

    love it she pulls it off but wouldnt be easy for others, isnt it?

  20. Smitha at | | Reply

    I wish she’d wornthe dress like the model did, rather than causing it to fold at the waist….makes it look a li’l frumpy

    1. rvc at | | Reply

      I think the dress is bunching like that because it is at least 2 sizes too big for her.

  21. Aparna at | | Reply

    I love her! except for the pout she is all fab

  22. dn at | | Reply

    I love how she changes things around, and has fun with fashion. Never in a rut.

  23. CK at | | Reply

    I love Kangana Ranaut. She is a great actress, and she is one of the few actresses in Bollywood who really experiment with fashion. BUT…here she has got it all wrong. She is young and slim, but this dress makes her look almost matronly. Her makeup makes her look too old. And the pumps are ..gah! The first pic makes her look preggers!!

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