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  1. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Disliking that fake hair colour and the whitewash that she thinks is make up.

    1. Adara at | | Reply

      True that. That white wash is atrocious.

      1. RS at | | Reply

        Agree ! I wish we had a ‘like” button against each comment aka Facebook style.

  2. SS at | | Reply

    The red is the eyesore..the other 2 colors r fine

  3. Aara at | | Reply

    Color combination garish..really !!! I would wear it any-day…It brings out the vibrancy of Indian color palette and she glows in it…Its a fab and thumbs up from me!!

  4. Shireen at | | Reply

    What?! This is not garish at all! I would wear it any day! I think she looks very lovely..

  5. Adara at | | Reply

    Easy easy on the makeup, Ms. Ranaut. That blush is ridiculous, makes her look like she got pinched. Haha.

  6. cyrimar at | | Reply

    Gorgeous!! I love how she rocks her curls….And somehow she carries off the colors so well too.

  7. Surekha at | | Reply

    loving this on her… i dont think the colors are too loud.. they’re just very typically desi types… i’d love to wear tht myself

    1. Faiza at | | Reply

      AGREE….i would wear 2…
      if a desi dress doesn’t have colours den it’s not a true desi dress period.

  8. kumar at | | Reply

    think the colors r very ‘desi’ n dont bother me much. but all that golden fowers details clash too much with her gold earrings n shoes. she shoulda kept the suit simple with solid colors n everything unchanged. esp..those golden earrings compliment her so well.
    ps: is it just me or she almost always never really does her eyes but goes all wild with her foundation, blush, lipstick and what not. shouldnt it be the other way round??

  9. suchi at | | Reply

    not really too bad. the colors look fine on her

  10. RS at | | Reply

    Dress too loud and has too much going on but I think the make-up is worse.

  11. rina at | | Reply

    I like Kangana.. There is something cute and quirky about her but this look doesn’t work at all. It looks like the clothes are wearing her not the other way around.

  12. monika at | | Reply

    lovely….i like the colours & she carries them well

  13. diptiN at | | Reply

    she looks like a pretty Christmas tree. I do like her outfit and the curly hair. what I do not like are the stripes on her kurta

  14. Kiwi at | | Reply

    not the colour combo-its the gold work and the red stripes at the bottom that make the outfit look garish.. she’s radiant

  15. Usha at | | Reply

    Wish she would go easy on the makep.
    The pale lavender against red-teal looks ugly. Kinda looks like the dress faded in parts ;)

  16. SS at | | Reply

    I think Kangana looks gorgeous in this outfit. She carries an otherwise odd color combination superbly well. Her makeup keeps up with the outfit and jewellery is kept to a minimum. She does rock those curls and looks like she is loving how she looks and is having fun…what’s not to like? love it!

  17. shilpi at | | Reply

    so getting ready for diwali …already ??

  18. Seerat at | | Reply

    I think she looks great.
    Her face is glowing and working out with this mixed palette.
    Not everyone can carry this combination.

  19. sara at | | Reply

    I think she looks lovely but the red isn’t working. and i wish she had lilac pants instead of turquoise.

  20. navya at | | Reply

    Kangana looks radiant in this although the colors are a little too loud for my taste. I like that she is smiling in these photos instead of her signature pout that she usually sports.

  21. Vanaja at | | Reply

    That colors and work of the outfit are too garish, yikes.

  22. mukul at | | Reply


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