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    Love traditional on her.

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    GORGEOUS. Love the saree!!

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    She looks Gorgeous!! I wish she had worn this for her National Award function. Would have been so event appropriate. Sigh..

    1. Paroma at | | Reply

      Exactly my thought when I saw the pictures

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      I was wishing the same when I saw the pictures. Kangana looks stunning. Love the saree.

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      I agree. National award event appropriate.Traditional wear done right.
      She looks lovely. Such a change from her usual western wear.Glad that she stayed away from blingy synthetic saris.

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    Kangana looks so gorgeous! I love the saree blouse combo in contrasting colours. I would never think of pairing navy and pink but she makes it work!

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    Getting a DPad vibe. This is such a signature Deepika Padukone desi look.

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    Finally! The saree makes for a refreshing change from Kangana’s predictable choices of late. She looks lovely.

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    Stunning! I love it when Kangana takes on traditional.

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    She looks lovely!!!!

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    I do love the spree on her but wish we had a back view of the blouse.

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    She looks absolutely lovely! Adore the gorgeous pink and blue combo along with the added touch of the mogra in the hair:)

  14. Ashes of Roses at | | Reply

    Smashing! That saree is to die for!

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    Gorgeous… this girl can go from boho chic to Indian nari like no one else. Love!

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    this sari looks like a run of the mill Gaurang Shah or a Mandira Bedi sari…

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