In Quirk Box


Wearing Quirk Box, Kajol attended a recent exhibition held in Mumbai. To put it mildly, the look was a surprise!

The green looks good but, do wish she had skipped the vest and wore the jumpsuit as is. Not feeling the clunky platform heels and the metallic tote with the jumpsuit either.

I don’t buy this look on her but her style choices lately have been very interesting to watch.

Kajol In Quirk Box At Araaish 2013-2

Kajol At Araaish 2013

Kajol In Quirk Box At Araaish 2013-1

Kajol At Araaish 2013

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. i would like to change the bag and those chuncky sandals !!!! otherwise this lloks good to me infact the vest added a bit of twist to this look….

  2. I also like the “surprise” element of the vest with the green as well. Don’t care for the shoes, glasses nor the bag. But she still manages to look good. Her make-up is well done.

  3. Looks like an art project done by her kids.

    The romper itself may have worked with the right accessories and without her purse/jacket/watch//sandals.

  4. It looks so funny/clownish on her. She doesn’t have the oomph to carry such a quirky outfit. Her bag and shoe choices are reminding me of Vidya Balan which till date has been pretty tacky/ugly. And not to miss those shades. Ha! Interesting doesn’t mean wearing differently stupid stuff.

  5. I don’t like how the waistline falls pretty low on the jumpsuit. Seems to me that it would have looked better with a belt. And that bag needs to be burned.

  6. i like the jumpsuit and the vest together. she delivered a surprise, away from her comfort zone. good for her. (not a fan of that bag and those shoes.)

  7. Exactly how many colours did she want to wear together? Don’t mind the jumpsuit with the vest. Its fun! But all the mis matched accessories make it look like an eye sore

  8. Honestly the green is so in your face(not offensively) its jus so bright and catchy i completely missed the bag n shoes…. love that the vest made it fun. if i have a gripe its that it was loose all over. but i’m with those who like the look.

  9. I love the vest with the jumpsuit, it was needed to break up the green. And it adds such an element of surprise. And she looks glowing and gorgeous. But she needs to change the bag and shoes and we have a winning look h2t.

  10. i like the look minus the bag…why would you carefully put together an outfit and then carry an ugly bag that doesn’t go with it?

  11. Someone like Deepika would have rocked this outfit sans the jacket and footwear. Even on Kajol this would have been ok if she skipped the vest, shoes and sunglasses.

    Right now she would fit well in a 90s Govinda movie.


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